Reviews: MikeMcTravel

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 23

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wish I stayed here longer. Location does NOT get any better than this! Smack dab in a good part of the red light. Staff very pleasant stairs are a bit dangerous so careful but I very much enjoyed my stay, cheers!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great helpful staff, good for socializing because of it's smaller size. Comfortable enjoyable stay!

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Awesome vibe, gorgeous location on a lake. Staff are very helpful and accommodating. I spent two full days just at this hostel, didn't even bother with the city because it was so nice.

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Wahahaha! That is just so funny! Thank you very much for appreciating Lucky Lake.

Jetpak Jumpdesk

Berlin, Germany

Great area in the mornings for meeting people, good free breakfast. Neil is easily one of the best hostel staff I've ever come across. I sprained my ankle in the city centre in Berlin going off of trampolines haha and he tended to me giving me Icepaks. He offers people coffee all the time and is very personable. The location shouldn't deter you, take the metro and enjoy the city all day. The location is a posh area and can be enjoyed by itself,


Solid place to stay very good location and value. Just no soap in the washrooms which I thought was absolutely a horrendous thing. If you're stopping in Liepzig I'd recommend it still.

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

Very fancy hostel lounge area is great, very good location just across the river from St. Marc's. Friendly staff. Good for youth. No kitchen would be my only complaint I'd say the buffet in the morning is worth it so I would get the coupons at check in to get 80 cents off, just make sure you wake up in time because it ends at 10am. I would definitely stay again.


Stayed here for one night and was apprehensive because of the lack of reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. Rooms are very spacious with secure lockers underneath, theres a kitchen and lots of computers meeting people wasnt too hard because of the design of the hostel. Shoutout to the Australian dude who's new to working there he does a great job and really tried to help me out even though he was off duty! Cheers Mike from Canada

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Thanks Mike. We´re a new hostel, that´s why we don´t have a lot of feedback yet, but we appreciate yours! Take care and keep travelling!

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

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Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Have no hesitation when deciding on a hostel in Lisbon. The reviews don´t lie I have no complaint whatsoever. Although its not a ¨party hostel¨it gives you ample opportunity to meet people and have a great time. Big lockers for big backpacks, waffles for breakfast every morning and the staff are genuine people who want to chill with you and make sure your experience is a great one.