Reviews: Anonymous

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel is far from city centre, so it's necessary to take what they call Ferrocarril to get to Barcelona. If you want to go out at night it may be a problem, once the train timetable is limited and the road from the station to the hostel is dark and desert (10 minutes walking). The staff was good, the problem is that almost nobody speaks english, which makes comunication difficult sometimes. We were unlucky there were lots of children making really annoyng noise through corridors at night.

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

The hostel is really nice. The staff is very polite and friendly and they are ready to help. I stayed in a 10 bed shared bedroom and the room was very organized and clean and so were the bathroom and toilet. There are computers available at the comunal area and also table games, tv and a pub working until 0h. The hostel also provided free laudry (you just have to buy soap and softner) and 1 free beer. The only problem I had was with the internet, that didn't work very well inside the bedroom.

Labyrinth Hostel

Vienna, Austria

The hostel looks like a hangar. The reception is in another place, so if you need something you have to walk for about 10 minutes in order to talk to the staff. Sometimes the shower did not provide hot water and the place wasn't very clean. The good point is that the internet worked well, there is a fridge in the kitchen and a computer in the comunal area (that looks like a corridor) available for use.

Prague Lion Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel was not that good. I had problems with my reservation and tried to cantact them several times, but they did not answer the phone or the emails I sent. Because of that I had to pay 3 nights but stayed only 2. The bathroom is very dirty with cold water in the shower, the reception is most of the times closed and they refused to turn the heating on so we felt very cold inside the bedroom during the night. Ths hostel is only good if you want a cheap price and don't mind about the service.