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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Oslo Hostel Central

Oslo, Norway

It was just the wrong time of year to visit Oslo. The hostel was so empty, at times I thought I was the only one there! Great hostel though. Would recommend to anyone! Breakfast was awesome! Hostel was so clean. Everything appeared so new. Definitely stay again, just not in the winter season, unless I have friends to keep me company. Not ideal for meeting people except at food times really. Nevertheless, it was one of the best hostels I've stayed in out of 15

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fantastic Hostel. Would go again. Awesome atmosphere. Sure to make friends. Staff are friendly. Clean hostel. Breakfast is a good deal. Copenhagen is not cheap, so it's all reasonably priced accordingly. Had a great time! Great location. 3 nights stay would be plenty for Copenhagen 2 even.

Sandeman Allen

London, England

Not a typical youth hostel. Poor atmosphere. Lots of other people staying who are not backpackers. But great value for money. Would stay again, since I'm not too worried about atmosphere & the money I would save would be worth it. Breakfast & dinner was a bonus, but not quality food, but can't complain really, saved like 15-20 pound by staying here

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

Fantastic place to stay. Staff are lovely and helpful. No breakfast, but that was ok. Very homey feeling, so that was nice. Leaning Tower is very close. Great place, would stay again for certain!

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Small common room. My room was immediately outside the entrance, so I did not sleep well at all. Shower head needs replacing, very old looking with sticky tape holding bit together, head would fall off when water was switched off, which might hit you if not careful, shower would not drain properly. No breakfast. Small kitchen. My bed was being removed daily for some reason, which I am not willing to ask why. And same bedding returned. I would stay somewhere else if somewhere else was better

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

Great clean hostel. Awesome location. Little bit pricey but alright. Breakfast is what it says it is, simple. Great that they put on a little food and wine each night. Would recommend to someone who wanted to get as close to a hotel without paying for one. Internet was poor in specific areas and not others. Not enough tables to use computers on. Might stay somewhere else next time only if I wanted to save money. Lock out each day was a bit annoying since I wanted to use the facility during then


Was really just a place to sleep and use the internet (which was not perfect but ok). Atmosphere was limited, but dd have a room where you could meet others, so not too bad. I would stay again. No breakfast, but café just outside and 30 metres to the left was great. The shower was tiny, I couldn't bend over in it. Loved the singing cleaner though : ) Didn't stay in any other hostels in Milan, but I gathered that as far as hostels go, this one was probably pretty good value for money


Just had a one night stay. Rooms were good. But I had a 6 bedder all to myself. Cleaner entered room early in the day to change bedding whilst I was in the shower, was glad that I closed the shower door. Breakfast was not really good value, however my preference of foods my be more restricted than others. Pub over the road was great, but the waiter assumed a tip and didn't return any change so I could decide his allotted tip. Great food though and bier. I Would stay again


One of best hostels I have stayed in. Great atmosphere. Breakfast is a bargain & just awesome! Located away from the centre, but the metro is on your doorstep. Would definitely recommend. Great facilities. No complaints really. Great security.

Hostel Mango

Prague, Czech Republic

Was a bit hard sleeping on the bottom bunk whilst the cleaner was changing the sheets on the bed above me at 750am. Was not an isolated incident, just at 9am other morning. Bed were comfortable. Noisy hostel with the courtyard in the center Staff didn't ask them to be quiet.Good common room. Friendly staff. Nice big shower. Breakfast served was ok. Would stay again if it wasn't noisy. Washing clothes may not work out cheaply if you need to use dryer for a longer time

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Awesome place to stay. Staff are so friendly and very accommodating. They do not push their beliefs, but are happy to talk if you have questions. Very respectful. Was a quiet hostel to get a good nights sleep in. Would definitely return. It was away from the Red Light district, so not in the centre of Amsterdam, but the walk in was manageable. But I heard from others staying in the centre did not sleep well at all due to the constant noise. And they do not overcharge for food etc Breakfast's A1

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Great hostel. Staff are amazing! If using the laundry, dryer may take a long time to dry clothes. So don't do a wash unless you have lots of time. But overall this hostel was one the best I've stayed in. Sad I didn't stay more than two nights.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Cheers for the nice words! Great to hear/read ;). That's true - the washing machine as well as the dryer take a bit - they are "green" machines so they take longer to not consume too much energy. Anyway - we hope next time you are in Brussels we can welcome you again in our humbe home ;)


Had a real tough time getting a decent nights sleep here. People would make noise beyond midnight. And staff didn't seem to respond. Sound would permeate throughout the whole hostel. Basically, you are awake until the last person goes to sleep, and you're up when the first person gets up. Otherwise, breakfast was good. Staff were helpful. Rooms were exceptional! Like a hotel bathroom. If you need sleep, don't come here. Bedroom doors slam loudly

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hey Sorry you did not sleep well and you felt we did not do enough. We try our best to ask fellow guests to keep the noise down. But it can be dificult in the dorm rooms if guests dont respect each other. If you come see us at reception we would be happy to tell your room mates to keep quiet after 11pm. Great to see you liked the rest of the hostel. The Loft Team

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Great place to stay. Close enough to Metro's. Cages under beds are great for security and ease of access. Second time stayed here, and would go back again.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

No customer comment

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

I did not enjoy my stay at this hostel. My number one concern was security. I felt my belongings were unsafe. The lockers in my room were all broken, so I had to sleep with all my valuables in my bed. The bathroom door didn't even lock properly, so anyone could come right on in. There was extra security storage available however it was at a cost. The hostel was generally unclean and very impersonal. It felt like a hotel really, but unclean and very cheap. I would not recommend this hostel at all

Willy Wallace Hostel

Stirling, Scotland

I really enjoyed my stay at The Willy Wallace hostel. Only one night there, but I wish I had stayed for two. The stay were very friendly and accommodating. Breakfast not included, but that was ok. Tea and coffee available in the kitchen. It just a nice town to be in and I appreciated the friendliness of the staff.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Would stay again. Breakfast is simple, but free. They had vegemite! Kitchen's good. Had a movie room, which was awesome with beanbags. Had a bar, which was ok. Good location I think.Atmosphere is great!

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

First stay in a hostel. Stayed in a four bed shared. Location is great, near bus stops and 10-15min walk to the tube. Staff were friendly and helpful. I stayed on the third floor, and was quiet enough there. Very satisfied with my stay ; ) Would recommend to anyone. Beds were a tad short for a 180cm man, but manageable. Security cages for a padlock were great for security, fits a standard suitcase. Would return for sure!