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PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

unbelievable hostel! clean, safe with great facilities. wifi is spotty in some places but the pool and sauna are beautiful as are the rooms and courtyard. staff is helpful. atmosphere is great, neighborhood is good - near the east galleries a couple clubs and cheap food. would definitely stay again and recommend!

Canal House B&B

Bruges, Belgium

stayed here for two nights. Bruges is beautiful and this little b

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

just stayed here for a night. Very big hostel and really fun to hang out in. Great bar and common spaces. Rooms are clean as are bathrooms and wifi is great. The kitchen is way too small for the size of the hostel though so the little fridge is gross so it's difficult to make food. the location is alright- walkable from the center but the neighborhood is iffy (many stores have broken windows and sides. even in the short we were there we saw someone get arrested at gunpoint against the hostel

Antigallican Hotel

London, England

Hostel is a good ways out of London on an expensive train that stops running at around 11, so nights in the city are difficult to impossible. But as are nights in the hostel. the only common space is the kitchen which is nice but closes at night as well. no wifi in my room. staff was creepy, so the whole thing felt a little like a horror movie. They also all wore the same clothes every day and the one or two normal ones always looked scared. Would not recommend if you want to see London.

Room007 Ventura Hostel

Madrid, Spain

stayed in an 8 bed dorm for 4 nights and absolutely loved it. great hostel. ideally located right by sol which feels like the center of everything, plus it's near the train station and a quick bus to the airport. free lockers and towels were great, nice rooms, offers fun nights. really helpful and friendly staff, good wifi, solid toilet and shower in room, nice roof to hang out on. KITCHEN IS LACKING - when I was there it was just a fridge and a microwave but that's honestly the only flaw.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

well-located right by central station. stayed for four nights in an 8 bed dorm. beds were ok and everything was very safe (key card swipe axis everywhere) although you have to either buy or bring a lock for the lockers. more of a drinking/party vibe but I preferred the bar at the wombat next door. no kitchen! but I was told that's a law in munich or something so not there fault. it also sometimes felt unclean and parts smelled weird. totally fine place to crash but I wouldn't stay again

Woodah Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

really cute safe little hostel wonderfully located by the central station with really friendly staff and a warm yogi environment. nice lockers with free locks and free breakfast in the mornings is also a huge plus. downsides: guests are not allowed access to the kitchen, you have to walk through the common room (which is also the lobby) to get to the bathroom, and there are only two showers. had a great time and would stay there again