Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 66

Rethymno Youth Hostel

Crete, Greece

Delightful staff. Delightful location. Delightful Atmosphere. Clean. Great value for money. Bathroom downstairs, a tad far away at 4:am. I had a Terrific time there! Meant to stay one night, wound up staying four!

Sibylla Hotel

Delphi, Greece

Charming hotel. Extremely clean. The owner was very friendly and cheerful. A little privacy was a nice change from hostels!


Great Staff! I enjoyed being in the heart of Athens. I prefered to dodge the expensive touristy areas and experience the real city. I had a great time with everybody there. I hung out at cyber cafes run by Kurdish people and had a terrific time with them! Learned a lot and was treated like an honored guest! The easy access to the Metro helped a lot! Learn the Athens Metro, it's easy, and you'll have no problems with getting around or Getting Back Home!

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I stayed four nights and enjoyed Istanbul. The hostel was clean and personable if a little crowded. But that lead to some pleasant exchanges with other guests. Would definitely stay here again.

Bob Marley Peace hotel

Luxor, Egypt

Eire Mon! 5 shrimps on the barby for You! Cheers, Jim