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Salmon Weir Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Ok hostel. Good location in Galway. There are lockers with free locks inside the rooms, but the rooms themselves are not locked. Showers are not too good. Wifi is good and staff is nice.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Good hostel, fantastic location right next to Temple Bar. Clean rooms and beds, good wifi, nice staff, lockers in room, etc.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

This hostel is (only) good for meeting people (especially westerners) and partying (especially in the Sanlitun area). So if that's your priority, this hostel is really good at that, as it's very easy to meet people and go out (and there's a lively, good bar/restaurant inside the hostel). Aside from that, the hostel is pretty bad -- the wifi is completely unreliable, the staff is not great, the facilities are mediocre, and the location is a bit of a walk (10-15 mins) from the subway stop.

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Hi there, Thanks to your evaluation for our hostel , sorry for that we didn't have the good wifi , we will improve our weakness , so when you next time come back to our hostel, you will see our staff made a great progress , see you next time . Best Regards Sanlitun Hostel

Tianjin Cloudy Bay Hostel

Tianjin, China

It's far from the best hostels in China, but for Tianjin (which has very few hostels) it's ok. The biggest negative is that, when I was there (on weekdays) there were almost no guests there, so it was almost deserted (although the staff told me that on weekends / holidays it's more crowded). The staff is ok; most don't speak much english. The rooms are okay but the floors are dirty. But one great thing is an awesome outdoor roof patio on the 4th floor -- nice views and place to hang out.


Staff is excellent and very kind at helping you out, or providing recommendations for stuff to do in Hangzhou. Location is better than the other Hangzhou hostels, but even so to get to some destinations you will need a short taxi or bus. The hostel lounge/common area and the hostel cafe/bar are separate, which is really stupid. But other than that it's a good vibe, and I imagine the best hostel in Hangzhou.

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Hi Seth, thank you for your comment. We are glad you like our hostel :) About the cafe and our communal area being separate, it's not that bad an idea. 你知道,萝卜白菜,各有所爱嘛。Anyway, thank you and wish you a good day :)


Great hostel. Good facilities (pool table, outdoor patio, lots of sofas, and wifi in both the lounges and bedrooms). Staff is very nice and helpful. And there is a large lounge/bar area where you can meet lots of people. And the location in Shanghai is as good as it gets -- a few minutes from a bustling subway stop, and less than 10 mins walk to the Bund.


Overall, solid hostel. No wifi in the dorm rooms. Also, they don't serve food at the bar. Also, the vibe is not really that great for meeting new people in the common areas. But the location is great, and staff is helpful. Although the staff doesn't really speak that much English.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Fantastic hostel. Lots of fun stuff: billards, ping pong, games, drinking games, etc. Staff is friendly and speaks good english. Guests include people from all over, lots of both foreigners and Chinese, and if you take initiative you can meet lots of people. However, the wifi did not work in my room, which is annoying.

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Thank you for loving "this dreamy hostel". It is so encourage meaning for us to read your evaluation, thank you very much. We will take your comments and suggestions timely ,and manner to improve, as well as the WIFI. We sincerely look forward to seeing you next time. Best wishes.

Happy Dragon Courtyard

Beijing, China

Overall it's great. Staff is very friendly. Also, the hostel's architecture and courtyard itself is beautiful. And a solid location, 4 mins walk from a central subway stop. The Wifi does not work in the rooms though; it only works in the common areas. It would be nice if it worked in the rooms. Also, there is no real door to the bathroom area; in the spring, summer or fall that's fine, but in winter I think taking a shower would be unbearably cold.