Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 22

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

I stayed at the Secret Garden, one of their separate buildings associated with the Ciak, it was gorgeous with free breakfast, nice area and right near a supermarket. The people I met there were all very kind and there were convenient lockers right in the room,you just needed to have your own lock. I heard from others though that they hated staying at the actual Ciak, but seeing as I didn't stay there I can't say specifically why since I didn't stay there.


They did not have wifi and could not recommend a specific Café to find wifi but instead circled general regions on a map. The wifi in town (which was a long bus ride down the hill) was spotty at best and it was extremely hard to find cafés with wifi. The staff was nice but the lack of wifi made things extremely difficult. It is also in the same building as a preschool so get used to banging and yelling. And you have to pay for breakfast, which was average. The price was not with the stay.

Ostello Olimpico Vicenza

Vicenza, Italy

The place is really nice and the people are great. I was supposed to be in a 8 person room but they put me and my friend in a 2 person room for no additional cost. They also had a free breakfast, it wasn't the best but it was good since it was free. You could also use their kitchen, and they had clean shower and bathroom facilities. The staff was also very helpful at explaining how to get around town. I would definitely come back, I loved it there!