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Location: Japan, Gender: Male, Age: 39

7 Patas Hostel

Sucre, Bolivia

No customer comment

7 Duendes

Salta, Argentina

About 10 minutes from both the Centro and bus terminal. Courtyard good feeling of well-manicured. Attentive staff. I can use the Wi-Fi in the dormitory. Warm shower. (Bread of multiple, serial, coffee, tea) breakfast

El Guembe Hostel House

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

No customer comment

Hostel Manga Rosa

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

good There are kind female staff. She taught me about the delicious restaurants and bus nombre. I use the Wi-Fi where room, in the kitchen,poolside. Two cute dogs bad There are male staff bad very affable. And start cleaning up the breakfast to eat yet. He do not even reply to the greeting. Blankets and room smell dog. Hot shwer isn't hot.

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

Hostel close to the Centro. Share space,kitchen TV and hammock. And this has been to no breakfast in the hostel world but eaten cake and bread, and omelet. Wi-Fi is weak in the room of the dormitory. The shower water only, and narrow.

North House Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

The staff is very kind. When the initial check-in, it was explained to me about the property of the hotel. There is hot shower. Kitchen is wide. There are cute dog. During the trip to a different region, it was me keep my luggage. Two share personal computer. Wide shared space (oneTV) Breakfast is not good enough. There is no space for hanging out the laundry.

Musicology Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Good: Staff kindness. To the question, and gave me the answer seriously. Lively music flows. (Is it annoying to hate music) Every day, I bet me making. Bad: Moisture is higher dark. Jose is not the laundry. Amount of water in the shower is the worst. It had been described as free dinner, but not it. There are staff that does not know the reservation of the hostel world.