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LxCorner Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Very good! I had to change the dates of my stay and hang out an extra day at the hostel due to a late flight, and they were very accommodating!

Grande Hostel de Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

Very chill, very accommodating folks. The only hostel I stayed at that actually had sufficient lockers. Very enjoyable!

PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Porto, Portugal

When considering the Pilot Hostel & Bar one must know that the 'bar' is an integral part of this hostel experience--especially the pub crawl. People looking for any sort of chill or quiet space should not come here. Security precautions: people are wont to leave the hostel doors ajar and there are no personal lockers in the rooms. A compadre and I were once bothered by a drunk fellow resident while we were sleeping. Cleanliness is aight cepT

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Hey!Thank you for your feedback! We invite our guests to come to our 24hour bar to socialize and party anytime of day and night and to respect the quiet atmosphere in the rooms during the night. Next time just come and tell us someone is misbehaving and we will take care of the situation. Regarding the cleaning, the conditions you describe don't reflect our typical high standards.Your experiences have been shared with our housekeeping and maintenance departments for their immediate attention.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

Definitely had a more strict atmosphere than other hostels I have been at (check in at 2 NO EARLIER which was a massive inconvenience), though this may have been because it was located in a big city. It is constantly loud, and I hung out in the fire escape when I needed some peace and quiet. It has a bar, if that's your thing. The showers were either way too hot or cold. This hostel, as opposed to others I've stayed at, seemed to want to squeeze money out of you for every little thing.

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Hi,unfortunately as on average we have 150+ guests checking in and checking out, it is quite often not possible for an early check in. We do however do our best to get our new arrivals into their room as quickly as possible. Also we're sorry if you found our party hostel atmosphere to be a bit much. As we understand this is not for everyone we do offer a chill out room and rooftop terrace for those looking to get away for a bit, we're sorry if you didn't get a chance to take advantage of these


Galway, Ireland

This was a great hostel! Very easy to meet friendly people, staff was very accommodating and helpful.