Reviews: Anonymous

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

Very convenient location by restaurants and very quiet to sleep. Clean with nice sheet duvets so i was warm at night without having to worry about suspect blankets. The best part is the staff. Apo Ishem are very friendly and honest and are soft spoken (truely refreshing change from the aggressiveness of istanbul) They recommended Turkiye Balloons and I am so glad I listened to them- it was an excellent company and we had a superb pilot(landed gently exactly on the truck trailer-amazing!)

Bob Marley Peace hotel

Luxor, Egypt

The location is an easy walk from the train station.Very clean nice spacious room. I felt very safe and slept well. The best part was the staff. Omar really cared about his customers and went out of his way to give info and look after our safety. More than anything i appreciated his all hotels he arranged a tour;However even after I paid he added another traveller and refunded me money. He easily could have kept the money for himself and I would never have known. Great place!

Keylany Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

The room was clean n quiet.I feel they delivered exactly what they advertised :) Staff was incredibly honest - day/night desk. They arranged micro bus to abu simbel for 85E £. Not many backpackers in aswan; unsure if they could get a ticket for me...I originally thought this was a ploy to get me to pay more. He said if only 4/5 people then each pays more...easy to cheat price. But he came back at lower price. Also kept my bag free offered shower facilities free after tour. Very happy!

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

I am a solo female backpacker. Dina's is very very clean. Exactly as advertised. Huge high ceilings, beautiful wooden floors, french doors to balcony offer a lot of light and cool air at night, clean tiled washrooms soap n towels provided. Staff is helpful and dina is extremely knowledgable. There r 3 elevators but main entrance is broken so make sure to ask about others cause it is on 5th floor. I stayed when i first arrived in egypt and again when i returned to cairo - definitely recommend!