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The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

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Riverside International Hostel

Xishuangbanna, China

Location is right on the the riverside and just about 15 minutes from the more commercial, happening part of the city. Not bad. The staff were okay and the facilities were fine too. One thing is that there were red ants in one of the beds, but the staff said that's normal. So, that aside, not too shabby.

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Dear Fellow, Thanks for your good comment. Due to the tropical climate, it would be ants if there is food on the bed. I'm sorry for we forgot to mention "do not put the food on the bed" . At last wish u have a good trip following, Welcome to Riverside again..


Staff were extremely helpful and friendly and genuinely seemed interested in making our stay in Kunming exciting and without issue! Located close to Renmin Lu (large commercial area) and has fairly nice facilities. Showers on upper floors have weaker water pressure. Food was okay. Kunming itself is fantastic and I recommend exploring around the hostel, there's cool street life at night not too far away.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Located in a pretty good part of Guilin with easy access to the bus station and a fairly vibrant, commercial area with a good night life. The staff were super friendly and helpful when we asked for information, and were patient when we asked a lot of questions. The hostel's food was not bad, and the room's facilities were fine. The shower was a small room with the toilet and shower in one, and the drainage was a little slow so the floor was quite wet after showering.

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Thank you for your review! We're very happy that we were able to help you with everything you needed. For the shower, we appreciate it that you brought this to our attention. We always address every guest's concern in a prompt manner and have fixed this minor problem to ensure a more pleasant stay for future guests. Thank you for staying with us and happy travels!


The room's facilities were very nice and had a private bathroom. The room, beds, and bathroom were all spacious enough, and the wifi was fast and reliable. The receptionist/manager was kind and helpful when we asked for directions and suggestions. One thing: in our shower, we had to stand over the toilet (squatty potty) while showering. That was only slightly uncomfortable and really not that big of a deal, all things considered!