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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 21

Pretty decent hostel. Not too much vibe, and if I was in a more party-oriented city I would have been a bit bummed out...but for Salzburg it was completely fine. Got a good nights rest and all the facilities were great. The one staff owner who helped me talk to DB rep on the phone in German was a lifesaver.

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hi there. thanks for your feedback. safe travells, yoho team :)

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great party hostel. Its small enough that you get to know everyone, but since they are connected to the larger sister hostel, the parties are still big. Facilities were a bit unclean sometimes, but the beds and dorms were fine. Unlimited vodka hour was insane. Overall everyone was friendly and I had a good time at the hostel.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

What can I say about Vitae.. In my 3 months this could be my favourite hostel. Despite it being 100+ beds, I've never felt more welcome at a hostel. Everyone is here to have a good time and the staff show it with night activities 7 days a week that will all get you equally hammered. Even though its a party hostel, I never had problems with any facilities, cleanliness, or security, and could always get a nights rest when I needed to. Absolutely legendary hostel, this one.

Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Although I didn't think much of Zagreb, the hostel was nice. Friendly staff and a nice terrace area to hang out in. Hostel was very clean and well kept up, and the dorms were adequate. The only major complaint I have is the distance from the city centre. Apart from that I enjoyed my stay and would come again.

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The only major complaint i have is being tired of people commenting on the obvious. Can't you just do your research and book where you actually want to be? Do you need a degree in quantum physics for that? Because the hostel actually WON'T move closer to the main square after you book it, did you know that? It actually stays in one place regardless of your motion. #$%#$&%&/%&%$&%&"#$

Old Town Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Really great hostel in the most perfect location -- in the centre of Old Town. Staff was really accommodating and the dorms were very nice. Plenty of facilities and a comfy, but small, common room. The owner was super friendly, and even gave a special ceremony which you will have to go to and experience. Would recommend!

Grand hostel LerO

Split, Croatia

My stay here was amazing! Lero and his crew of awesome staff were funny, accommodating and made me feel right at home. Its small (2nd floor under renovations) but the shower, wash (FREE!), and kitchen area were all adequate. Had a great time here.


Spent one night waiting for my ferry. Gets the job done. Staff doesn't speak much English and there isn't really a hostel atmosphere but for one night its fine. No lockers in the rooms.

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

For the price you can't go wrong. The tents were fine, basically a private. More of a resort though with lots of families staying around. Pool is nice but the jacuzzi wasn't running til Summer which was a shame since it would have been nice at night. Not the nicest facilities but the restaurant was reasonably priced and there was a supermarket across the road. About 45 minutes to the heart of Rome.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Awesome hostel. Friendly and accommodating staff upgraded our room for free. Bar is really great at night with lots of people inside and outside, and the breakfasts there are cheap and tasty. Stayed in a private so can't really say anything about the dorms, but the private was perfect. Only thing was the wi-fi was spotty in the room.


Bath, England

Showers were pretty bad. Beds were nice but absolutely no atmosphere or exciting staff. Not REALLY a hostel. Had an elementary school stay while I was there. Gets the job done if you are only staying for a night or two though.

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

Pretty average hostel. Wasn't the nicest building or the cleanest. Kept my bag on my bed when I slept. Rooms were cramped. Staff didn't seem inviting. However the price and location were great so I can't complain.

Astor Queensway

London, England

Great hostel. Similar to other Astor hostels. Great security and beds. However common room is a bit cramped. Prefer Astor Hyde Park but I would recommend Queensway and would stay again. Wish there were some organized night events or excursions.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Great hostel. Key cards and lockers, decent breakfast, giant lounge AND dining room area, clean rooms and decent location. Would be great if there were some organized events or excursions. DIdn't have the best sense of community. But I would recommend and stay again.