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Neverland Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel allows smoking on its premises. This detracts from the cleanliness and atmosphere. Also, they state there is free parking. It is on the street and not secure. The staff is very good. The feel of the hostel is a bit grimy because of its anti-establishment graffiti on the walls and dark foreboding atmosphere.

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in turkey, the parking place on street belongs to the building next to it sir. we wonder how you got the idea "it is not secure". thanx

Be My Guest Hostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

This was the best hostel for the money I have ever stayed. And I have stayed at a lot. I have a motorcycle, and the parking was excellent and secure. This hostel is an easy walk to all the main parts of the city, and very close to all the tourist attractions. Georgi the owner takes good care of his guests and is fastidious about the condition of the place. English, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, and probably a couple more languages are accommodated.

Hostel Inn

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The Hostel is quite difficult to find and has no parking. Parking in the garage across the street costs twice what the bed does. This is a sleeping arrangement only. There is no common room. They also require guests to remove shoes and wear crocs in the place. Kind of strange. The rooms are clean and economical. The staff is friendly and accommodating. So if you do not need to hang around the hostel it is good and very inexpensive.

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Dear Herbert, thank you for review. In our description box we mentioned that our hostel don't have a common room and we are very sorry if you are not satisfied with our service. Hostels in this area don't have a parking place so everybody park in hotel Europa. Thank you again and we wish you all the best. Hostel Inn Staff

Maju Jaya Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

The rooms are big and there is plenty of space. The hostel was not staffed except for short periods in the morning and evening for check in, check out, and some cleaning. It is a 7 minute walk to the trolley, and another 15 minutes to the city center. The staff were friendly and helpful. I just appeared that the hostel was not full and the owner was not going to staff . Bathroom space was cramped.

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In off season period, hostel reception stuff also working in the shop next door (as noted on the reception) so any info or help can be found all day.

Hotel Dolomiti Vattaro

Trento, Italy

I have found a gem. On a whim I decided I should ride the Italian Alps and see the Dolomites. So I went to Hotel Dolomiti in Vattaro, near Trento. The place is wonderful. The owner is Daniel Ducati. And he is a motorcycle enthusiast as well. The rooms are very reasonable, and Daniel is also an excellent chef. For motorcyclists and hikers looking for a good central location, this place is perfect.

Ostello Don Zermani

Piacenza, Italy

Italy is expensive. So the Zermani is a good deal. It is a bit of a walk to the city center. Some of the staff do not speak English. They do speak Russian!. And if you need secure parking this is the place. There is not much interaction between guests and the ambiance is a bit austere. I thought the rooms were excellent, and very clean.

Hotel D'orsay

Toulouse, France

There is truly secure private parking for 7 Euros a night. Send an email in advance. Location is perfect for the price. Neighborhood around the hotel is "colorful" but safe.

Hotel Lutetia

Lourdes, France

The Hotel is run by an Italian family, all of whom are very friendly. The rooms are clean and served by an elevator. The location is much better than being down in the tourist center of town. And the price is very reasonable for the accommodations. We had motorcycles and there was free and very secure parking. There is WiFi in the lobby only, but this was not bad. I would recommend the hotel and use it again.

Pension Aussie II (Casa Basque)

San Sebastian, Spain

This hostel has rooms that are comparable to 4 star hotels. The rooms are beautiful, big and well appointed. You do not need a car to use the hostel. It is a short ride from the center of town on the 26 bus going to the hospital. The place is quiet and ultra secure. However, there is no interaction among the guests, common room, kitchen or such. This is basically an exceptional room in a beautiful new private home. We had motorcycles and were able to park on the grounds.