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Fattoria del Bassetto

Florence, Italy

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Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

I stayed in a 2 bed caravan and had it all to myself. It was fantastic! The whole camp ground has a wonderful, beautiful vibe to it. Only suggestion: the older man who helps runs it could be more friendly. I highly recommend. If you're taking a bus to venice/Venezia, make SURE that the bus reads "VENEZIA" on the front of it. If on doubt, as the bus driver. I had 2 really unfortunate situations of bussing forever and not winding up in Venice because I was too hasty.

Matterhorn Hostel

Zermatt, Switzerland

No customer comment

AlpLodge / BackPackers Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland

A very nice hostel with a good breakfast included! The only issue I had was when my dorm bed had only a couple of inches between it and the person next to me (with no barriers), so we were practically cuddling which was uncomfortable. I luckily was able to pull my bed back a couple more inches which made a big difference.

Flower Hostel Milan

Milan, Italy

This hostel has a horrible rap for what it is! Amazingly cheap, but really good for the price! The main issues I had was just trying to get a taxi back to the train station, the first one never showed up and after that all taxis were on strike so I had to walk to the station with my huge back... Which wasn't very fun! So the location isn't the best, but the facilities are not bad at all.

Ostello Villa Olmo

Como, Italy

I loved this hostel! The staff are friendly


Amazing sunrise at 5am but you have to be in the rooms facing the lake-a sunrise over the alps

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Kinlay is an amazing place to stay. Amazing staff and facilities. I spent over 10x more money on a nice hotel a few weeks prior, and (besides having my own room at the hotel) I felt Kinlay to be much nicer. This is definitely the place to stay in Galway!