Reviews: Anonymous

Khaosan Fukuoka Annex

Fukuoka City, Japan

About ten minutes to walk from Hakata station. The area the hostel in doesn't have too much restaurant/nightlife wise going on around it so a walk back towards the station is required most of the time. Hostel has good facilities with a nice lounge area and kitchen. The beds in the dorm were almost capsule style, with your own space and a privacy curtain, power points and a light. Not too much atmosphere around the hostel, might have just been the night I was staying though.

Buddha GuestHouse Shirahama-Spa

Shirahama Spa Wakayama pref, Japan

Hostels are few in Shirahama. This one might not look like much but was very friendly, like staying in somebody's house. Bit of a walk to the beach but there is a free bicycle for use and it is close to the bus stop. Wifi was good, rooms were clean. Security might be a small issue as the hostel is open pretty much all the time but the owner is not always around, but Japan overall is pretty crime free so don't let it worry you.


Like most of the K's House hostels this one is a good, safe choice. Location is close to train station, but a small walk to downtown area and longer walk or tram ride to A-bomb Dome and museum. Not quite 'in the action' if that is your thing but nice accommodation, very cool rooftop area and all very clean and well kept.

J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse

Hida Takayama, Japan

Good location, staff can help with booking buses to nearby sights.


Close to the Tani9 subway station as the name suggests. Narrow layout, beds have their own powerpoint, lamp and curtains which is good. Staff are friendly. Common areas are small, doesn't have big hostel vibe, very personal and homely.


The best hostel I have stayed in during my time in Japan. Excellent common facilities, good vibe. Make sure you check out the rooftop. Bar/cafe is also a rare feature in Japanese hostels and was excellent for a snack or some drinks with friends at the end of the night. If I could change one thing it would be that the rooms are a little on the small side but hey, it's Japan! Highly recommended.


A great location, one of the better hostels for access to the subway. Facilities are nice, if a little bit random (costumes in the lobby were funny). Was fairly quiet when I stayed there so there wasn't much of an atmosphere, but that may have been just because there was not many people around. Khaosan World Asakusa is a better option as a hostel to meet people, but Laboratory is still very nice.


Mount Fuji, Japan

Had a good time at this hostel. It is a little different as it is above a cafe. Staff were welcoming and we even enjoyed playing with sparklers/fireworks with some of their family in the carpark. The location is a bit out of town, so your options are pretty limited for going out, especially at night. However they do have free bicycles. On the red sightseeing bus line but green sightseeing bus ticket lets you use red line as well ;)


Nice hostel, location isn't quite as good as some of the others closer to Asakusa but still fine. Smaller than other hostels as well with less common space, but all very clean and modern looking.


My favourite hostel in Tokyo. Great vibe around the place, bar is open on the ground floor two nights a week. Was lucky to be on one of the first bike tours they did which was fun. Heaps of common space and the room was very spacious. Book early as like all hostels around Tokyo it seems to fill up quickly.