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MEININGER London Hyde Park

London, England

hostels should work with hostel booking sites to provide "real-time" information regarding availability and réservations so everyone knows in what bed is booked, for how long, which room, etc - especially regarding the inability to book a bed in a hostel that needs a minimum of two nite stay yet won't let you book because only one nite is avail in each of two different dorm rooms - this hostel was actually one of the better regarding this problem but might be better able to raise this with hoste

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Dear guest Thank you for your review. Thank you very much on outlining the issue with We will get a hold of them and sort this problem out. We look forward to seeing you in the near future Your Meininger staff

YHA London St Pancras

London, England

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Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

I would have appreciated in-room lockers and a better attitude toward security, but all in all it is a decent, safe place to stay with a breakfast. Be warned, however, that all Windows open onto the courtyard, which is a lovely place to sit and eat or drink or relax, but which can be quite Noisy until well after midnight.

Ani & Haakien - Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

nice place - breakfast a little hectic with some uncertainty about what was put out by hostel and - but at least it was a decent breakfast unlike some hostels that promise breakfast but only provide bread - eggs appreciated!

Sevilla Dream Hostel

Seville, Spain

brand new hostel, very clean if somewhat sterile atmosphere, staff warming up to busier times

Sant Jordi Mambo Tango

Barcelona, Spain

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Hostel Helvetia

Warsaw, Poland

great place, right by the university, easy access to train station - excellent staff, good basic breakfast with optional purchase of complete breakfast

Unforgettable Nights

Budapest, Hungary

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Palmers Lodge Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

I chose Palmers for location and becuz I once stayed in a Palmers in London - my only complaint was that the dorm room Windows open onto a tram line that runs almost 24/7, worse for me because the window had to be open (altho I think the heat should have been turned off in this room) and my top bunk was situated so that the noise had a direct line to my bed and head - them's the breaks, I guess, but I think this hostel should say something about the trams on the website, if only to head off comp

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thank you for your review, it is always appreciated when our guests write them. We apologize for the heat,but if somebody in your room asked for it to be turned on, we always comply,so all you needed to do was come to the reception and ask for it to be turned down :) we aplogize for the noise, that is why we have soundproof windows,but unfortunately,when the windows are open,we cannoit control the noise and we are located in the centre,so you have to count on that facor :) Cheers, PL team

The Doctor's House

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This doctor's house is definitely Worth the hike(s) up the hill. One of the best I've ever stayed in, even without the extra warmth and welcoming hospitality.

Montenegro Hostel Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegro

also stayed in a sister hostel in Kodor (there, they need to fix a cracked toilet seat or, even better, replace those cheap plastic seats with something a little more substantial) . . . in Podgorica, what the hostel lacks in facilities is more than made up by the helpful, friendly, dedicated staff

Manga hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

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