Reviews: Anonymous

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

Great location within zone 1 of the Tube, with a quick 5 minute walk to the Borough market, the London Bridge, etc. Breakfast was sufficient, bed seemed clean. My only criticism was the bathrooms: there were 2 showers per floor, but with ~30 people on a floor, there was usually a wait. Also, the toilets were pretty weak and tended to get clogged, but the staff was responsive.

Novella Italy

Florence, Italy

Our room was pretty spacious and it was nice to have a private double. The breakfast consisted of a packaged croissant and packaged toast (didn't even know that existed). Certainly not enough for a breakfast, or an all you can eat like most hostels. But the facilities are great. Wifi is spotty but accessible in the hallway.

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

While this was certainly camping, it was MUCH better than I was expecting. Access to and from Venice was super easy and cheap. I would definitely recommend staying here over staying in Venice and paying more. The tents were cozy but comfortable and there were full shower facilities, cleaning, etc. The bar/pizza area was great and there is a supermarket right across the street to stock up on cheap food. Would definitely come back here.

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

The hostel is a quick walk to the city center, but offers the convenience of hopping on a train to another city or a site like Dachau with a 2 minute walk. Would definitely recommend this hostel. Solid breakfast and a great staff.


Very easy to get to from the Metro. I really enjoyed my time in the hostel. Would definitely go back!