Reviews: Anonymous

Old Town Munkenhof

Tallinn, Estonia

Everything was mostly great, staff was friendly, showers had hot water, kitchen was big, location is perfect. Only downside is that the repair man that semi-lives there.. If people are talking he will turn the TV way up to shut people up, even when they aren't talking loud. I had my feet on the corner of the table in the common area and he went nuts yelling at me in Estonian.

Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Hostel staff and location were nice, hostel itself isn't too great. No common area, no kitchen (at least none that was told to me), not a place to meet other people. On the same street for the same price range you can get a better hostel

The Madpackers Hostel

New Delhi, India

Average hostel. I am not a fan of India but hostel was (for India) clean. Would be better if was marked well.


Bit expensive, but not for London. Great staff. Only downside is no kitchen.

Mansour Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Nice cheap hostel right in the center of Amman, everyone was very friendly. Would go again for sure.