Reviews: Anonymous

Lisbon Destination Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

What an awesome hostel! Great staff, fun activities, chill atmosphere. My favorite were Pedro's tours and Max's Pub Crawl. Leslie was great at organizing my activities, Miguel was always patient, and Gilbert made me feel like I was home. I'm definitely in love with this crazy little city now. Thanks everyone! Keep up the good work.

Feetup Yellow Nest Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This is a cool little hostel. Good showers, good A/C, good kitchen, good wifi. The rooms are nice, but the beds in my room needed some help. They were extremely noisy. I couldn't move an inch without waking up the whole room. I also wasn't in love with the cabinets turned lockers. I did enjoy the connection the hostel had to Travel Bar. Loved their tours!

Albergo Villa Serena

Venice, Italy

Venice really is just a bus ride away. The Villa is super cute! Glad I chose this place. The older ladies who run it don't really speak English, but the younger two are perfect. The only thing this place needs it a better breakfast (don't waste your money on it) and better wifi (it only works in the lobby).

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

This hostel has a lot of potential and was pretty good when I stayed there. They seemed to be undergoing a lot of renovation. The wifi was great, the showers were great (even though there weren't many) and the kitchen is nice with a great view of the Duomo. The staff needs more women (it was all men) and more locals (none seemed familiar with Florence). Justin was cool and helpful. It's just missing little things for example, the bunk beds didn't have ladders! The 9am wakeup call was insane.


I really liked this hostel and ended up booking here again later on in my trip. The rooms are cute and well equipped. Not in the center of Paris, but the city is so easy to navigate and there are a few metro stops nearby so I didn't mind at all. There is a great night life at the bar/club/canal which is cool. But, when it's warm and the windows are open you can hear drunk people outside at all hours of the night. Also, the bins under the bed are super noisy. They really need some WD-40.

Alfama Patio Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Loved it here! It was my first time in Europe, and my first time staying in a hostel. The staff made me feel so welcomed. They did an excellent job of organizing daily activities that helped us navigate the city and meet new people. I loved that they have a sisterhood of hostels going on. That gives you a chance to go to events at the other hostels and meet people from there. Alfama is a super charming part of town, with winding cobblestone streets and high hills. Great to explore! No complaints