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Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Great hostel in such a good location, staff are super helpful and friendly. Will be back someday for sure!

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Room 18 was probably designed for Hobbits as the ceiling is only head height. The free day tour was good though


Galway, Ireland

good location and good facilities

Oscars Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Modern and clean but no atmosphere at all. The staff should make an effort to have some social events

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The American guy on the front desk was swearing and complaining about how bad his job is when I checked in. Not a good first impression

Cowgate Tourist Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Good location close to most major sites in Edinburgh


Cardiff, Wales

Good location but that's about it. Filthy bathrooms and room had a disgusting smell

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice location close to Van Gogh museum and tram line. Room was clean and tidy

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Great facilities like swimming pool and beer vending machine. good location close to east side gallery and train station

  • 7th Aug 2014
  • Avid Traveller
  • New Zealand
  • All Male Group, 25-30
  • (20 reviews)


Well located close to the train station

  • 3rd Aug 2014
  • Avid Traveller
  • New Zealand
  • All Male Group, 25-30
  • (20 reviews)


Good location close to the subway, really good value for money

  • 31st Jul 2014
  • Avid Traveller
  • New Zealand
  • All Male Group, 25-30
  • (20 reviews)

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

Had a nice stay and Liborio was very helpful and friendly to the guests. Unfortunately bed was too soft, you just sink into the middle. Room was extremely hot too..needs aircon. Overall though good place to stay and very relaxing


Good location and pretty clean and tidy facilities. Some sketchy people in the area around the hostel though

  • 24th Jul 2014
  • Avid Traveller
  • New Zealand
  • All Male Group, 25-30
  • (20 reviews)


Florence, Italy

liborio is a great host

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

Good location not too far from the beach and directly across the street from the train station. Got upgraded to a private room cause our booking got messed up but that was sweet

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel has a lot of big groups of kids staying there on school trips so it feels more like a high school than a hostel

Reykjavik Downtown Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Very clean tidy hostel and very secure. Not much atmosphere unfortunately but overall really good and the staff are friendly

Manhattan Hostel

New York, USA

Good location close to the subway. East Harlem is a cool area with a lot of good food places nearby. The hostel is pretty grubby though, water started pouring out of the ceiling in the kitchen one night. The security isn't any good either, anyone off the street can just get let in. Overall pretty good value given that it's in Manhattan

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

Good hostel in a good location. The staff were really friendly apart from one girl who has apparently since left, she was rude and disinterested in everything working in a hostel. Free pancakes for breakfast each day. Good atmosphere and a great place to meet cool travelers. The bunk beds were noisy and very unstable though. Overall I'd recommend it as a good value hostel


The hostel was very clean and tidy which is great. The other great thing was the en suite bathroom. The downsides are that unfortunately a lot of sketchy people hang out around the front of the hostel and the front door only gets locked late at night so they could easily just walk in. Make sure you bring a padlock to lock your valuables away. Other downside is that there is zero atmosphere, there are tiny communal areas which nobody seems to use. Overall though it's pretty good value for money