Reviews: Iangreg

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

Nice hostel in a convenient location but quite expensive.


The best hostel we could find in the Osaka area.

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Thank you for your wonderful comment and nice marks make us happy!Thank you for your staying with us!We keep it in mind and try our best.We look forward to seeing you again!

A-yado Gion

Kyoto, Japan

Everyone at the hostel was super friendly. Really appreciated the little things like having a small snack bar in the lounge.

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Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay here. We also had a good time with you. We hope we will see you again!

Anne Hostel Yokozuna

Tokyo, Japan

Perfect hostel for a Tokyo experience. Lots of amazing restaurants nearby and easy access to downtown Tokyo. The hostel was very clean and loved every moment of my stay.


Loved this hostel and how close it was to all the major sights.


This is a very good budget hostel with private rooms.

Banana Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

Very comfortable hostel to stay in with semi private bunk beds. The hostel was easy to find and was in a great part of the city. We were there during Mid Autumn Festival and the staff there hosted a wonderful barbecue for all the guests.

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Thank you so much for this great review! We all had much fun with you guys. Hope you will come to Taipei and visit us again:)

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

No comment

Hostel Hutteldorf

Vienna, Austria

This hostel was the only one available to book and it was incredibly far from the city. The facilities were nice but I didnt want to stick around the hostel very much.

Hostel Orange

Prague, Czech Republic

Didnt really spend much time here because of how wonderful the City is. Kitchen is very small, don't expect to cook.

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Had a great time here, but the single bed I slept in was extremely squeeky


The people here were a lot of fun. Get ready to get drunk off your ass if you stay here!

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Florence is incredible expensive to stay in, but you should spend more because you get your values worth here. Be careful with your things though. Witnessed a guy have his passport and other valuables stolen from him as he was about to check in simply by looking away.

Hotel Pensione Ottaviani

Florence, Italy

I would rate this hostel as 0% if this site would let me. Do not stay here. This place is advertised as only 20€ per night but they nickel and dime you on everything here. They unexpectedly charged a €2 tourist tax on each person per night when all other hostels only charge €1 and they charge you a fee to use their wifi. The staff was unfriendly, bathrooms are disgusting (no hot water), and their common room is more like a doctors waiting room. I ended up paying more to go elsewhere.

Manena Hostel

Genoa, Italy

Great hostel, the guy running the olace had tons of places to recommend. The rooms are nice and quite secure.


This hostel made my trip to Granada. Met a bunch of fantastic people here, the staff was great, the drinks were cheap and amazing. We got booked into one of the nicest rooms which was right outside the hostel giving it an amazing atmosphere. They offer so many great tours and they offer so many discounts and booking opportunities that are otherwise difficult to achieve on your own.

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

The staff here was amazing and they were what made our short stay in Alicante so great.

Purple Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Staying on the first floor was not so great. We could barely sleep due to the music downstairs

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Hello Ian, Thank you for your comment! We are really sorry to hear that you were disturbed by the music in our bar. We wish you had told us so we could have done something about it. Every day we close the bar door at 23:00 in order to maintain the silence for people who want to rest. It is important to us that everybody will have a good time in the hostel, either you want to have a little party or to rest. Best regards, Purple Staff

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Amazing people here. Perfect location