Reviews: datsyukian13

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 34

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

I really enjoyed my stay here and the staff made my stay even better!! They are super friendly and are very helpful with suggestions of what to do in Belgrade! I can't wait to go back and visit for a longer period of time to get a better understanding of their wonderful culture! Rooms are very nice and are kept very clean. Make sure you try the Turkish coffee to give you energy to wander around this amazing city...there's so much to see and do, you're gonna need it!

The Groove

Budapest, Hungary

Great FN Hostel!!! The staff is amazing!! If you don't make friends here, you're probably a horrible person! Hahaha You can't beat the location as everywhere is so easy to get to with the tram,metro,and busses! So many great recommendations on where to go in the city..but be warned, once you arrive, you may never want to leave!! Panna, Lili, and Odon are such awesome people!!

Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Only spent one night here but was a really awesome place! I'm not an artsy person but I enjoyed the artwork there...the staff was very nice and welcoming and let's you know the good places to go...had a good time with the other guests drinking outside and exchanging stories..was a long ride from the train station, but was so easy to find...even at 10:00 at night...definitely worth checking out if ya wanna have a chill experience

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Hostel pod Voglom

Bohinj, Slovenia

Was like an awesome throwback to the summer camps of my youth only in the most beautiful place in Slovenia!! The staff was so awesome and friendly!! Great suggestions and rentals to enjoy the lake and mountains surrounding it!! Stop by and look at lake bled but go stay at this hostel!! I you love nature and water, the beauty will make you want to stay forever!! I'll definitely be back in the future...take the canoe trip down the river!! You won't be disappointed!!

Sax Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A little further from the train station but Jlubjlana is such a small place...Huuuuge beds compared to other hostels and more comfortable too...Mateja was awesome and really gave me a lot of info on where to go in slovenia to get the best experience without being surrounded by showers and laid back atmosphere in the bar out front where you can meet so many locals who are so friendly..if you're lucky like me, you might even enjoy a VIP night at top 6..I can't dance, but it was fun!

Youthhostel Bern

Bern, Switzerland

Not really my cup of tea as there were so many really young kids...shoulda just day tripped bern, and stayed in zurich...if you're up for my challenge, walk the wonderwag along the Aare 21 miles to the Thun Sea...the view is worth the walk and you'll feel better about yourself for completing a long hike... Took me about 5 hours to get there and 19 minutes by train back...but it was better than walking around Bern


Zurich, Switzerland

This by far was the best party hostel I've ever been to! live bands every night and the locals are allowed to join in so I was able to meet a lot of awesome new friends from Zürich. It can be a little pricey in Switzerland, but this city is priceless!! Amazing beauty everywhere and it's very easy to navigate on your sure to keep a look out for the ghost of langstars as he wanders there often...and be sure to say hi to Neya for me...She's one of a kind!! Great Hostel!!

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Big hostel, not really conducive to meeting locals, though good if you want to meet other travelers then it's good for that...great pub crawl starts here! The bar was cool for interaction among other guests and the bartenders are good people to drink with too...super close to the train station on kind of a shady street, lots of beggars around, but that's pretty common among most touristy areas everywhere...good sized rooms and lockers with key card access was nice.

KaBa Hostel

Gent, Belgium

Definitely not a party type hostel, but by far the nicest, cleanest, and relaxing place to get some real sleep after some rough machine 24/7, the nicest staff ever, classy kitchen with a free make it yourself breakfast and stocked with everything a cook should need, and then some!! Ghent is such a awesome little midevel town that can't be missed!! FYI :get off at the dampoort station and not the's a 5 min walk versus a 30 minute trek...


Antwerp, Belgium

Was a cool place to meet other travelers and I met a few great ones, but I'm interested in meeting locals and their culture...was a bit out of the main areas but I needed to lose weight so that was a forced bonus...get to the showers early as the "hot" water runs out quickly..breakfast was excellent as they had eggs!! So many hostels are just meat cheese and bread...antwerp was a cool city than I discovered only cuz I wanted to see where the beginning of Snatch was filmed in the diamond district

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That s our goal, a cool place where you can meet fellow travellers! Happy we succeed:) to meet locals, we re at the best spot, but you need to leave the hostel ;) our showers,... We try to keep them as eco friendly as possible but certainly as guest friendly as possible, without push buttons. It s hardly impossible we run out of hot water, so please give us some feed back!! Happy you found our breakfast exellent. I wish I could lose weight by just walking 1km to the diamond district :) xb

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Overall a cool place to come back and chill after wandering around...the smoking room is the place to be to meet others from around the world...the mattresses were horrible, so pay for two and stack em up I guess..lolol very spacious lockers under the beds so everything can fit...for the best coffee shop, head west to Siberië..more locals, great coffee, even better quality green for less money than any other place I went..all in all I'd stay there again..don't ask me about breakfast..I slept in!