Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

I wouldn't stay here again. You have to walk down to the sketchy basement in order to take a shower in which the lights are motion-sensed, so you might take a shower in the dark if people aren't roaming around (happened to my friend). The rooms were very hot and there was construction work going on every morning at 8am in which the workers would open our windows (not sure why that is). The breakfast is free but it is warm milk and soggy cereal. The "free wifi" doesn't even work inside the rooms.

Snoozles Hostel Galway

Galway, Ireland

I LOVED staying at Snoozles. I traveled abroad for the first time and Snoozles had everything I needed. You could give them your dirty laundry and they would do it FOR you for only about €5. The kitchen was equipped with anything you would need to cook and keep cold in the fridge. They allow drinking in the common areas and on the outside deck. The beds are clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Snoozles!