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Hostel Chili Iguassu

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

SECURITYMain door always lock, mens dorm has drawers with lock on each bed, I wish it had individual bigger lockers to leave luggage.LOCATION Location is nice and safe even at night.STAFF Very attentive staff, always very helpful, at any time.ATMOSPHERE Nice and quiet, not rowdy at all, not many people.CLEANLINESS Is a fairly new hostel, so it is clean, bathrooms are clean but I wish they were cleaner.VALUE FOR MONEYI went for the world cup, 5 nights for $100 dollars, not bad.FACILITIES great!

Hostel Tatu

Manaus, Brazil

SECURITY: Main door was not always lock, only 75% of the time. Mens dorm does not have lockers or private drawer. They will lock luggageLOCATION is nice and safe even at night.STAFF:Very attentive, always very helpful at any time.ATMOSPHERE: Not quiet, but not rowdy either.CLEANLINESS.Normal, not dirty, I found 3 or 4 cockroaches in room, big ones, maybe is the hot humid weather?VALUE FOR MONEY: Expensive, World Cup prices!FACILITIES:Sink in bathroom was leaking, pool of water in mens dorm room.