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Mad4you Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The hostel was very clean and the location was great right in the MalasaƱa area. There was a social atmosphere.

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel had the best atmosphere of any I've been to yet. This is in large part due Angel organizing and cooking communal dinners every night. It was a lot of fun and everyone got to know each other before going out afterwards. There's also a hottub which is pretty great. The beds are very comfortable and the hostel is very clean. It's located a few minutes walk from Las Ramblas and a metro stop which is convinient. Overall, a top tier hostel, stay here if you can.

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

This was the cleanest, most comfortable hostel I have stayed at yet. The beds are more comfortable than mine at home, the AC is really good, and overall the rooms feel like hotel rooms. The location is good to, it's within walking distance of the acropolis and there are markets nearby. The only downside is that there is no communal kitchen which is not that big of an issue but it'd be nice if they at least had a refrigerator that guests could use.

Montenegro Hostel 4U

Kotor, Montenegro

Arsen and Boban were very friendly and helpful and made my stay enjoyable. The hostel is very clean, the location in front of the bay is spectacular, and the beds are comfortable. This was a very good hostel, if you are in Kotor, stay here.

Rooms Deny

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This was one of the best hostels if not the best I've ever stayed at. The hostel is extremely clean, the beds are extremely comfortable, the wifi is extremely fast basically every benchmark you'd expect of a hostel this one meets and surpasses. Deny was one of the friendliest people I've met while traveling and he really made my experience as great it was. Also, the full day tour was well worth it. You get taken all over the place and see some very unique places that would be difficult to get to

Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This was one of the best hostels if not the best I've ever stayed at. Josip made my stay awesome by being one of the most helpful people I've met while traveling. The hostel is sparkling clean and the rooms have balconies with amazing views over a bay. Everyone who stayed here was really nice, I made lots of friends pretty easily. The hostel isn't in the old town which is honestly better in my opinion given that the old town is touristy and claustrophobic and there is a shuttle service anyways.

Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was the worst hostel I've ever stayed at. I've mostly left reviews in the 90-100% range but this one gets a 34% because it really was that awful. To start off, there was a rat running around in my room. The toilets at this hostel are barely functioning. The worst however, was the owner. He came into our room at 8:30, woke everyone up, and asked who was checking out and then proceeded to inspect all of our things for food and drugs. No one was checking out so he woke everyone up for nothing.

Glencoe Independent Hostel

Glencoe, Scotland

The hostel is in a very beautiful area but quite inaccessible if you don't have a car. The town is quite a walk away so bring food with you because there are no stores near the hostel. The beds were comfortable and the hostel was clean. The staff at reception were friendly and the price is what you would expect.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

The free breakfast was nice. The beds were terrible.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

If you like big hostels then you might like it, but otherwise this place is not intimate at all. I was annoyed at the fact that they don't let you bring your own food into the building because they expect you to buy food from their restaurant. The beds are comfortable and the hostel is clean and comfortable to stay at overall. It's definitely not a backpackers hostel, they don't have a kitchen. The location is decent but not ideal as it's quite a walk to temple bar and other points of interest.

Kinlay House Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

No customer comment


Cardiff, Wales

The hostel was very centrally located on the main pedestrian street and very close to the train station. It was clean and comfortable.


London, England

This was a good hostel overall. The breakfast was really good, it was decently clean, and the staff were helpful. The beds were a little uncomfortable but the bed curtains were really nice and added a little extra privacy.