Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Bella Capri

Naples, Italy

Average hostel.

Ape Latina

Rome, Italy

Decent location near the Colesseum and a metro station. Francesca is an amazing hostess. She was very knowledgable on things to see and when and gladly answers any and all questions. My wife and myself were celebrating our 4th year anniversary and her birthday and Francesca gave us a lovely bottle of red wine on the house. It was a great stay!

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

Here you get an apartment to share with other travelers. Decent enough place, clean, reasonable location.

Student's Hostel Estense

Ferrara, Italy

Average hostel with a nice location and a great staff. Nothing spectacular here, but nothing negative to report.

Venice Hotel Villa Dori

Venice, Italy

The hotel is an average hotel in the outskirts of Venice. They provide a shuttle into the city for 3 euro. The hotel itself has a quaint feeling. The problem here is the staff. By far the worst stay I had in Europe. They are lazy, slow, and to quote the blonde female hostess Marie/Maria "it is not my problem." The hotel is staffed with crooks and thieves that care very little about your stay. Avoid at all possible costs. OH, the driver of the shuttle is a cool guy. So there's that.

Affittacamere Stella Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

Basically, you get an apartment and share it with other travelers. It works well. The location is fantastic, the unfortunate part is actually getting there, you will climb a mountain. The staff is average.


The place looks like a resort: tucked away on a hill surrounded by tropical trees and plants. Hard to get to: which makes their free shuttle service extra nice. Nice location for those wanting to get away from the city center. The rooms are nothing spectacular but they do the job and provide lovely views of Nice.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

I was expecting more from a hostel in the prestigious list of famous hostel. It was an above average hostel, but then again Merseille is an above-average city. Everything was as expected, but nothing was spectacular.


They are part of the world famous hostels for a reason. The place has check marks on all things a hostel can and should be. The staff was fantastic. One of my group lost their phone in London and it was shipped to the hostel. They kept the package safe and handed it to us upon our arrival. We were very greatful! The best place to stay at if you're staying in Bruges.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Steep steps at the entrance! Quite a climb, and an accurate introduction to Amsterdam. The staff is knowledgable, friendly, and inviting. The Hostel itself is average, but the price is right for those on a budget. My group had a good stay. (If you like cats, their house cat is an extra perk.)