Reviews: Anonymous

Dream Cube Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Cool hostel with a modern feel. very clean and we loved the little pod beds for privacy although they do not have curtains like in the pictures. The drawers below the beds for storage are also spacious. The location was pretty out of the way for sight seeing attractions. about a half hour to get into the city. However, there are plenty of restaurants and really cool hawaiian bar nearby. The staff was the worst thing about it! They accused us multiple times of not staying there! Not very friendly

Casa Grande Surf Hostel

Tenerife, Spain

The location could not have been better! Not a big touristy area so you definietly get the chance to meet the locals and experience the culture! The hostel was a little too dirty for me. There was sand EVERYWHERE. The bathrooms were somewhat dingy too. The perfect stay for a surfer boy but anyone else expecting more than a bed full of sand to sleep in a hot room at night might want to look elsewhere.

Beautiful City Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel was very clean. The room was slightly cramped and the kitchen was NOT a full kitchen! Location was okay but definitely could have been better

Adam&Eva Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Such an amazing hostel!!! I felt like I was in a hotel! Made our stay in Prague very enjoyable! Stay here if you have the chance! You won't regret it!

Aivengo Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If I had the choice again, I would probably choose somewhere else but it wasn’t awful. There was a pretty okay amount of space for the people in our room. Everyone had access to a small locker if they wished to use it. The beds were made for you and they swept and mopped everyday but it still smelled pretty bad. The bathrooms were like stalls with graffiti like I was in the bathrooms at a high school.The safety was awful - just an easy to guess code to get in the room.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Bed linens looked like they had been used for centuries. Rooms were VERY small for the number of people shoved in. Awesome security and location though.