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La Casa del Viajero Mompox

Mompos, Colombia

The owner was a wonderful host! He took guests all around his town of Mompox, showing the highlights and places only locals could find.

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Julia Gracias por dedicar unos minutos para comentar, mirando la puntuación del precio no es Malo, Te deje el precio mas bajo por el que habías reservado y por el tiempo justo, La chica que estaba en el property, se quedo por 7 días y el precio que a ella se le dejo fue un precio con descuento. Si te diste cuenta nosotros somos nuevos y el Valor de Nuestras Habitaciones son las mas económicas que hay en Mompox a comparacion de otros Property en Mompox. Gracias por tu comentario .

Colombian Highlands Renacer Hostel

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

This was an awesome place to relax. There are hiking trails right behind the hostel that you can take Up to the mountain side. It is a bit of a hike from town but it was worth it. The cafe was nice, but for the price, a small free breakfast would have been nice. The kitchen is also poor and often was filled too much with people to cook. Overall, an awesome retreat away from everything in a peaceful environment.

Musicology Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

The place was super Gordy, but the experience was awesome. I definitely want to go back and I recommend it to all who don't mind dirtiness.

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We have just moved to a different location, 3 houses down the road , and are still in the process of organizing and beautifying our hostel. We lowered prices to compensate for the inconveniences that might be caused due to the moved. In about 2 weeks the hostel will function in it's full capability