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Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Giovannis house is great. Never have we met a hostel owner as kind and caring as giovanni. He goes above and beyond so you can have the most enjoyable time in naples. He gives you a history of naples and shows you all the things the city and surrounding area has to offer. Love the home made pasta. Definitely recommend staying here.

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

The hostel is a little bit away from everything but can still walk everywhere. The rooms and bathroom where really clean and staff where extremely nice and help.

Hostel Pisa

Pisa, Italy

It was nice and close to train station. The staff were all very nice and helpful. Only bad thing was the shower in our room was extremely small moldy and clogged so the whole bathroom flooded and lil of the room aswell. The 5 euro all you can eat supper was great.


Only spent one night here but it seemed really nice. 15 min walk from train station. The front staff were really nice. Stayed in a 8 bed dorm and it had plenty of space and seemed very clean.


The location is great, real close to main train station. Kitchen was gross and unclean. Had bar down stairs but never used it. Staff weren't helpful. Not much to do in Frankfurt we only had quick lay over there.

Amigo Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you like to smoke pot this hostel is for you. Unfortunately we don't and everyone that did smoked on the already narrow steep steps and blocked going up and down out of the hostel. Our room in side smelt so bad from all the smoke coming in. The staff for most part were nice. It's location not so good it's kinda far from everything.

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel wasn't in the best of areas. The kitchen was very gross and the fridge was a bar fridge so forget about keeping anything in it. The showers were disgusting and place in general was unclean. Since we spoke English we felt like out casts and very un welcomed so would not stay here again.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment

Little Town

Prague, Czech Republic

This place was amazing. The staff were extremely nice the rooms were clean the showers were great and the beds sooo comfy (as far as hostels go). When we go back to Prague we will defiantly stay here.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

The staff here are what make this place horrible! They are by far the most rude we have met in our 3 months of backpacking. They would be the only reason I wouldn't go back. The bathrooms were surprisingly clean for a camp site. The 5 euro round trip shuttle to venice isn't bad other then dealing with the extremely grumpy bus drivers. I would avoid their restaurant because the food isn't good and that's where the service is the worst. Other then that it is everything you expect from a campsite

Botel Marina

Rijeka, Croatia

This place was great, quick walk from train or bus station. Was very clean and friendly staff. Not much of common area for meeting people tho

Chillout Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Is in a great location. Some staff were rude but others were very nice and helpful. Kitchen was really small so hard to cook. If it wasn't for there being nothing to do in Zagreb and us never going back to that city I would stay there again.

Treestyle Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This place was dirty, loud, and rude. The rooms were small cramped and so hot with no ac or even a fan. The kitchen and common room were always a mess because no guest cleaned up after them selfs. If u wanted to cook you had to clean others dirty dishes. The staff was extremely rude. One came into room at 2am to see if was bunks for check to check people into. The staff member was the one turning on the lights and being loud and rude when people were trying to sleep. Would never recommend stayin

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

The only thing good about this place is that it is close to the train station. Other then that the staff were not very friendly or helpfull. There is no common room or way to meet other travelers. The shower had some mold in it. The wifi only worked sometimes and even when it was you had to be in just the right spot for it to work. I would not stay there again.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

The shower was busted and had mold in it. The staff were ok. Location was nice and close to train station.


One staff member was very nice and helpfull the rest of staff were very rude. Location was good for Paris tho

Lera Surf Backpackers

San Sebastian, Spain

Had a really great time at this hostel. Staff was good. Nice and small place. Only draw back was they aren't always there to check you in and had to phone and wait out side for them to come.

BBK Bilbao Good Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

No customer comment

Amistat Beach Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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