Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Olicar - San Pablo

Santiago, Chile

This is a great hotel for a hostel price! Very good deal compared to pretty much anywhere close to this price range in Santiago. Very clean, quiet, and well kept. We stayed for 5 nights here and the location is perfect for enjoying downtown Santiago. There's a subway only 2 blocks away. The owners son is very nice and helpful. Close to the best empanadas in town and the famous fish market. It's a better deal to book on hostel works then upon arrival. They even bring you breakfast in bed.

Hostal Casa de Mouat - B&B

Valparaiso, Chile

They have probably one of the best views of the bay in town. There are some permanent residents living there so you kind of get the feeling you are staying at someone's house but weren't invited. It isn't really a hostel, More like an appartment. They have a nice Cafe below. If you're looking for a pleasant quiet place to stay this is it. Also, it is very reasonably priced.

Pax Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Overall, this hostel was great for the money. The only downfall was that the stove worked really poorly so cooking took a long time and you often has to wait to use it. Also, it seems that all of the hostel volunteers hang out in the hostel all the time and are the ones using the computers and kitchen. Clean room, comfy beds, nice staff.

Che Lagarto Hostel Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The branch owner is very nice and friendly. The beds are new and clean. There's a nice fireplace and an outdoor seating area. Breakfast was good. There are a bunch of "volunteers" running the place that really seem to just take up space and resources like the kitchen, seating, breakfast, and wifi. They accept credit cards. They have lockers for your stuff. The wifi only works right next to the router so everyone is crowded into that room all the time to be able to connect. Overly very good!