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Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

I didn't have a bad stay but it was verry average. Not a great set up, hard to find, dirty location. Really UNCOMFORTABLE beds

Paraiso Travellers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I guess for the price you get what you pay for. The location did not make me feel safe. The patio was surrounded by people looking in and it was not pleasant to be out there. There was loud construction and the staff weren't very warm and helpful. I actually ended up canceling my stay before the first night was over and went to HelloBCN which I highly recommend. I would not recommend this place, even if it is so cheap.


My stay here was fine but not great. It didn't have a lot going on. The staff were nice but they were either training people or just having people stand in for staff because they usually didn't know the answer to my questions and had to ask some one else. There was a lot of loud banging of doors all through out the day and night. But the location wasn't bad and it felt pretty safe. Beautiful tile decorations inside.

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Hi Tara! I am really sorry if our staff did not know all about the city but they are new trainnees at the city and some things maybe they do not know yet. If they ask me it is cause I have spent more time in the city! we try to do all the best everytime!!! about the doors we are reparing them to have less noises!! :)) we would like to know more about what kind of activities were you missing here! please, can you send us an email? thanks a lot and enjoy your trip!!! :))

Room007 Ventura Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I really enjoyed my stay here, the location was great and I never felt unsafe. The staff were helpful and understanding. They even went searching for a bag I left at the hostel two days after I checked out and found it! Also the events they put on were awesome. Free sangria night and private flamico shows?! Who can beat that. Plus our walking tour was awesome, Harriet was hilarious and even set us up with a great local place to eat after.. Loved this place!