Reviews: queen_nev9

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 31

Equity Point Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

Review 1 of 2. During the 1st portion of my stay I was in a downstairs room off the back courtyard. Could get noisy in the AM at breakfast but it wasn't really a problem. Not a huge fan of the lockers which often smacked me in the head while trying to hold it open. Staff is lovely & even when the sewage had an issue it was cleaned up quickly. I enjoyed my stay so much I booked the hostel for my entire stay in LBN. Perfect location near Barrio Alto and Rossio & not far from Alfalma. Obrigado!


The rooms at the front are extremely noisy/stuffy due to being on the main road. (this was useful though as i ended up learning how to sleep w/A LOT of noise for hrs on end.) Kind of a cliquey atmosphere. Was a bit put off by people proudly stating this though no one was outright rude. Definitely for the 18-early 30s range hip-cool type. ~15 min walk to Liverpool St Station. V cool area. Wi-Fi has a decent reach except nothing reaches the dungeon kitchen. Need more toilets. In-room shower=weird.

Seadragon Backpackers

Brighton, England

The hostel was still under construction when I was there but I wasn't bothered by any noise or dust, etc. The staff was extremely nice, friendly (& attractive) :) Breakfast & fresh linens incl. I stayed in Brighton to rest & get some energy back after backpacking & it was a perfect respite. I'm not sure about how the location is to someone who likes to party but it's only 2 blocks from the beach & across the street from the co-op. Suggestions: curtains over bathroom windows. I hope to return! :D

Hip Karma Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Plenty of showers/toilets. Strange to charge for linens. No real common room for people to hang out. In a good area that's ~25 minute walk to the beaches & > 5 min walk to the metro. The windows slide shut so your options are a very noisy night or a an extremely stuffy one. No locks on bedroom doors. Bring your own lock for the rolling lockers under the beds. Nice to have curtains around the beds. Plenty of outlets. Apparently have free-use computers which I never took advantage of. wi-fi is OK.

Feetup Yellow Nest Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Definitely a "party hostel" for the 18-22 range. Some nights were horrifyingly loud until near sunrise others weren't too bad. It was my first hostel in BCN and I decided not to extend my stay due to the "cliquey" atmosphere of a lot of the very young guests and it was a bit of a walk/metro ride to anywhere near the city centre or Barceloneta. Other than that it was clean with free linens and fairly decent Wi-Fi and in a nice neighbourhood.


I only stayed one night (because of issues w/couchsurfing) so I didn't really get a "feel" of the hostel but there's great security and comfortable beds and it's really quiet. It was strange to have a kitchen in the room, though. Some people get up early and cook food that has a strong smell which is awkward. Plenty of restrooms which was a definite plus. There's a gigantic, adorable dog that hangs out and wanders around as well which was lovely. Bring your own lock for the lockers.

West Two London

London, England

Not enough toilets/showers. Hostel is overall sketchy & pretty much only worth the cheap price in the off-season. No lockers. Cramped rooms. Not very inviting atmosphere overall. I only stayed one night and I wouldn't recommend staying much longer than that. Was followed around by creepy stalker-types living in the hostel more than once which made me fear mildly for my safety. Thankfully I was put into an all-female room even though I chose mixed. Kind of far out in Kensington.

Venture Hostel

London, England

Staff is curt and makes you carry your own linens up to the room & make your own bed. Bar closes pretty early. I didn't mind having to share facilities with all genders. Loud music playing on all floors & there are some really...colourful characters living there. Some were nice, some were batshit crazy. The common room was excellent & made some good friends. The kitchen is a horrifyingly small cubby. People steal food even with names on them. Decent Wi-Fi. Nearish Greenwich but v close to DLR