Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Blue Planet

Paris, France

Very minimal facilities: no lockers, no kitchen, and no internet (super slow internet is available for the exorbitant price of 4 euros an hour). Guest to shower ratio leaves much to be desired. I was concerned about leaving my belongings in the room. You will not be given a room key, but will have to ask reception for the single room key to your room every time you want access. Shifts change regularly, and the person at the desk usually doesn't ask for proof that you're staying in a given room.


Staying at no 8 willesden was a great experience. I met some amazing people, and the staff were truly friendly and helpful. The kitchens are good, and lockers are very large. Iron available. Buy a padlock at the store across the street if you don't already have one. This place is not for everyone, however. Cleanliness of toilets/showers was not always good. There were some thefts of electronics (which were in the open on peoples' beds, so keep stuff locked up!), location is not central london.