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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 24

Hostel Han

Pristina, Kosovo

Pro: location close to main street in Prishtina Cons: --no water in the bathrooms after 10pm (absurdly early); --beds are hard as rocks and extremely uncomfortable; --no air-conditioning so you have to choose between sweating and not sleeping - or opening the window, getting bit by mosquitoes, hearing the loud traffic and voices outside, and not sleeping; --breakfast consists of bread and butter; --bathrooms are not very clean; --toilet paper is often missing or out of stock; --horrible maps

Tresor Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Pros: --Air-conditioning! --Great location --Decor is interesting Cons: --The blonde male staff member on duty was often grouchy and unhelpful --Breakfast is too expensive for what you get (just go to the supermarket next door!) --There is only one laundry machine and costs 6€ --Luggage is very insecure if you have to leave it in the "vault": it isn't locked and anyone can access it --signs in hostel are misleading: no vending machines

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

This hostel was alright. The view from the bedrooms is amazing - really the best. Hostel is stupid-close to city centre. However, since it's so close it is really loud even at night, and there's no AC so you have to open the windows and thus hear all the noise. Also, the city shinea lights on the old buildings in the city centre, basically right outside your window, so it's really bright at night when you're trying to sleep. Common room is alright, people don't socialize much though.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was really great!!! Absolutely perfect location in Brussels, and even though it's by the main square it isn't loud at all at night. Rooms have AC which is a godsend. Rooms are also so clean and towels are included! Don't worry about the fact that you have to check in at the sister-hostel, as you'll be walking in the direction of Grand Place anyway so it's no prob. Just take the train into Brussels North and you'll be fine. Do the walking tour. It's awesome and you'll meet cool ppl

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Directions to this hostel are wrong! Bus 9 doesn't exist. Take 25 from airport & connect to 20 to Altmunster. Walk under bridge & down towards your right on a trail through the woods. The hostel is at the bottom of the hill. Beware - there's no AC here! I was absolutely miserable, couldn't sleep all night because the rooms were SO HOT. I had to go down to the lounge at 4am just to get some cool air to preserve my sanity. I'm a girl who gets cold easily, but even I thought I'd have a heat stroke

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Almost perfect except for loud noise from street at night. Staff is awesome and helpful. Temple Bar Pub right next door and it's fantastic.

AWA Innbrucke Hotel

Innsbruck, Austria

Good location. It's a hotel so there is no atmosphere, but the bar downstairs is alright.

Hostel Feldkirch

Feldkirch, Austria

Pretty far from town, and not much happening around here. Staff was very unhelpful about things to do in city. Flies everywhere. Wifi was terrible!! Wifi available only in common room. Some guests were older and creepy.

Hotel Alfa Zermatt

Zermatt, Switzerland

This chateau was really hard to find because there are so many hotels in Zermatt. Room is really small. However, it's just what I needed after a long, long day of traveling. The views are amazing. Go to the sister hotel next door for a delicious dinner.

Cordoba Bed and Be

Cordoba, Spain

Staff and owner, Jose, were really nice. Jose took us out for drinks and food at some of the local places in town, and he makes the stay at Cordoba really enjoyable. It's refreshing to meet a hostel owner who takes an interest in making his/her guests feel like they're at home in a foreign city. I suggest at least 2 nights here, if not 3, because there's a ton to do in Cordoba!! It's such a cool city.

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

Overall pretty good. They do a nice dinner. Staff is helpful and friendly. However, they don't enforce their own silence-at-night rule so sometimes it is hard to sleep because of the noise in the courtyard. Granada is a wonderful town.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

everything was perfect! Excursion to Sintra was so much fun, anf Mamma's dinners are awesome. No wonder this is the best medium hostel in the world.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

good location and friendly, helpful staff, but the "free breakfast" was absolutely awful! Such a joke of a breakfast: bread rolls and assorted jams. No yogurt, deli meat, or even juice. For the amount of money you pay to stay there, the least they could do is provide some healthier food for you to start your day.

Agnes Roma B&B

Rome, Italy

I absolutely loved this B&B. It was clean, refreshing, and the family who own it is amazing. They're incredibly nice and treat you like their own family. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. I'm a solo female traveler, and I felt very safe in the B&B.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thank you for the review, and we're glad that we made you feel safe and confortable. Roma is and will be still here for some time so, hope to see you again! :)

Hotel Moderno

Pisa, Italy

it's alright, it's a hotel so not much atmosphere. good location though and probably the best you'll get in Pisa

Albergo Centrale bologna

Bologna, Italy

not much atmosphere because it is a hotel, but it's on the main drag in Bologna (Hugo Bassi) and close to the piazza. overall nice facilities

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

This hostel is amazing, especially the staff. I stayed here last summer - I was having an allergic reaction when I arrived, and the staff was so quick to call the ambulance and they're the reason I'm alive today. When I got back from the hospital late at night the staff was so welcoming and nice to me - I had a great time. I would most definitely stay here again!!

Adam&Eva Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

perfect location in Prague, close to the castle and in a hip part of the city. Hostel is very clean and welcoming but staff is not that fun.

Lollis Homestay

Dresden, Germany

it was an okay hostel - close to the park so that was nice. a bit run down and dirty but I guess it was to be expected of a hostel

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

loved it! nice staff, good location in a quiet neighborhood.