Reviews: Anonymous

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I think the atmosphere can depend on who else is staying but regardless I always found some interesting people to get to know. They have plenty of activities throughout the week with other people staying at the hostel if you are traveling alone. I wasn't a big fan of the pub crawl the night I went though because the night clubs play awful American music and the drinks expensive. One tequila shot isn't nearly enough to get you into the proper mood to enjoy those spots. Take earplugs and face mask

Ayhome B&B

Bologna, Italy

Really excellent b

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They even offered to give me a ride to the station when I had missed the bus. The shuttle service is well organized and so getting to and from the hostel really isn't a problem. There can sometimes be a wait for the bathroom, but not bad. There's a kitchen to buy food from and they're really nice about filling your water bottle or giving you hot water for tea. I really enjoyed meeting the other people staying here also.


Was unfortunately only there overnight and left really early the next morning but check in and out is really easy, staff is very knowledgeable and the facilities are modern and well maintained. A lot of young backpackers hanging out at night by the bar with live music and a free drink.

A Scalinatella

Amalfi, Italy

Very close to Amalfi beaches, everyone knows where you're headed, right by a piazza with lots of bars, sometimes concerts in the evenings, but quiet in the rooms. I was in a four bed dorm that felt a tiny bit crowded, but really overall it was relaxing and fine. Breakfast was great and the owner very helpful and kind.

Resort Campogaio

Sorrento, Italy

I got a bit lost on my way there but basically ask everyone which bus to take and then tell the bus driver where you need to get off. Once you're there, it's much easier. It's a quiet and peaceful location, a really beautiful one at that. They have their own "beach" with wonderful view of the bay and rocky cliffs for you to sit on. It's absolutely gorgeous. The restaurant is pretty decent and good value. The shared bathroom facilities are actually kept very clean.

Legend R.G

Rome, Italy

Staff was very helpful and despite their lockout hours let you stick around different areas if the weather is bad or you need to rest. The breakfast is very sugary, but that and the free pizza definitely saves you money.