Reviews: Anonymous


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The rooms were very small, but it was a very good price, so no complaints. It was a fun place to stay, and the breakfast was really good. The lady in charge was very nice and very attentive.

Generator Berlin Mitte

Berlin, Germany

It was a very nice hotel. I did not like the rules though. Young people traveling would like to bring their own food into the hostel. Also, it would be nice if their was wifi throughout. The hostel is more expensive and very nice looking. It seems like the kind of hostel that could afford a few wireless routers.

B&B Interno2

Rome, Italy

It was a beautiful apartment that we stayed in. Sergio, the manager, was a very nice man and was very helpful. Would recommend this place to everyone! I would prefer it over a nice hotel. It's set up so it feels like you're living in an upscale studio apartment in Rome. I didn't see any other guests for the hostel because I feel it's in a regular apartment building. Very nice stay. Also came with complimentary water, beer, snacks, coffee, tea, candy, carbs for breakfast, and more.