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Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Stay was overall excellent. Complaints: we were harassed when we were leaving for our overnight cruise at Halong Bay, even after we assured them we wanted to pay for the night we wouldn't be staying in the room. I also stayed with a good guy friend (I'm a girl). We insisted on a 2-twin bed room twice. We got shuffled around to different rooms and eventually they stuck us in room with one bed. They said they rented out the rooms with separate beds, saying it was ok since we were a couple.

Nick's Homestay

Ubud, Indonesia

Atmosphere outside of our room was lovely. Staff was nice. Windows to room had no mosquito nets (I am severely allergic) and we had to keep all windows closed. Room came with windows open so I still got bit. Bathroom, en suite to room, had no ventilation at all. Room had moldy smell during the entire stay because of the bathroom, and we opted to not shower during our stay because the bathroom stank so badly. We did not even want to use the toilet in fear of opening the bathroom door.

Lemon House

Padang Bai, Indonesia

Excellent hostel. Only complaint was confusion over final bill. We thought we got a downgrade because we were asked to choose between two rooms and we just asked for the cheaper room. When asked how much we would owe at check out, the hostel manager told us we owed less than what hostelworld told us we would owe. When we checked out, they pulled out the hostelworld bill and told us we owed the original price. It was still a good value stay, but we needed to replan our tight budget.

Bonsai Guest House

Osaka, Japan

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