Reviews: Anonymous


I wish I stayed longer but I only needed a hostel for one night. I traveled throughout Spain for over 2 weeks and this hostel, by far, was my most pleasant experience. Location was 'good' instead of 'excellent' because you may need a metro to visit various spots in Barcelona. That being said, I also really liked the tranquility associated being that far out of town. I mean...what hostel doesn't get cudos for having a hammock in their yard. The staff is excellent.


This hostel has a lot of potential to be great. Most of the people that work there, in particular the woman that manages the hostel, are very nice and hospitable. I loved the view from the terrace and the cat! There's one staff member that dropped the review to 'Average' for me. I also may have had a potential issue with bed bugs during my stay. We were never able to find any bugs, but this is the only hostel where I woke up not just one, but two mornings in a row, with bites on my arms.