Reviews: Anonymous


I stayed in the 12 bed "pod" dorm. My dorm was actually in a separate building adjacent to the hostel lobby. Bathroom was clean and had plenty of hot water. Having outlets in my bed was convenient (although my friend couldn't use hers because it was too loose). Only gripe is that we couldn't drink beers in the lobby that we'd purchased elsewhere. Also, the lockers were actually cages under the bed.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

While staying in the 40-person dorm, we caught a thief going through my friend's backpack. Told the front desk people and a woman immediately got the guy out of the hostel. It was super hot down our room. The bathroom smells pretty rank and is humid all the time. Showers are not private (or comfortable) at all, so bring a bathing suit if you don't want to be nude in front of strangers. The bar in the lobby is a good place to meet people, though.

Sleep Easy Hostel

Verona, Italy

Stayed in a 4-person room – it was incredibly spacious and attractively decorated, and even had a balcony. There is a pleasant seating area in the backyard. The staff was very friendly. It is across the street from a cheap grocery store with tasty food. Somewhat of a long walk to the train station and tourist attractions, but it is a very comfortable place to stay.

YMCA Hostel Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Stayed in two different 8-person dorms. It was pretty cramped in one of them. (They had two bunk beds next to each other, so it's like you're sleeping next to a stranger.) Bathrooms were very clean and pleasant. The kitchen facilities had everything you might want (fridge, plates, utensils, stove, sinks). There were a fair number of older people staying at the hostel, so it wasn't exactly a party atmosphere.