Reviews: ak051790

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Astor Queensway

London, England

Great to have cages under the bed. Locked luggage storage as well. Location was excellent, right near Hyde Park and two tube stations. Rooms and ensuites were clean and tidy, people were friendly. Staff was able to happily answer all of my questions and offer suggestions of where to go and how to get there. I recommend this hostel and would gladly stay there again.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best hostel I have stayed in and expect to stay in ever again. Will definitely be back. Shared toilets and showers but always very clean and never an issue getting a shower/toilet. Beds were clean and comfortable and each bed had an outlet. Plenty of lockers in rooms and hallway. Really stellar kitchen and common areas--very easy to make friends. Great location. Security only "Good" because it's attached to a cafe which is open during the day so non-hostel residents may wander around.


This hostel was essentially just a bed and a toilet. If you are traveling with people or not interested in making friends, it's perfect. Very tiny storage lockers on the first floor (about 8 X 8 inches and 12 inches long). Front door always unlocked, so only key-card bedroom door separating you from anything that walked in. Free breakfast was more than I expected--croissant, baguette, granola, coffee. Staff didn't really provide specific recommendations, just general areas for food. OK at best.

Urbany Hostel BCN GO!

Barcelona, Spain

This was the first hostel I stayed in and I was very impressed. The 10-bed female dorm had one full bathroom (with a shower that didn't work) and an extra shower (thank goodness). The hostel itself was conducive to meeting people in and out of your dorm room. The wifi worked everywhere but the roof. Security was great--locked entry, locked floors, locked rooms, and individual roomy lockers under the beds. Can't attest to pay-for breakfast, but La Boqueria is just a few blocks away.