Reviews: Anonymous


I really appreciated the atmosphere..offering shuttle buses and bbq nights. Right on!

Hotel Casa Linger

Venice, Italy

AC is a must for this place in the summer. It's unbearable to sleep. I think the hostel needs a re-do on the decor or arrangements of the place.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Staff was welcoming. Very informative about the city and where to go. The hostel was clean and the decor was superb! Even free breakfast included is a nice perk.

Anny Studios - Perissa Beach

Santorini, Greece

I thought the staff was very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere at the hostel was fun and it's great there was a pool to swim in!


Athens, Greece

Rooftop bar is the best! Amazing view of the city. This was probably one of the cleanest hostels I've stayed in. Felt very safe too. Location is the best as well. Only downside is in a room of 4 people, no space at all. We are all very squished in but other then that, loved it here!


This hostel is super fancy. They recently renovated it and it's amazing. The price is a bit high, but you're staying in Paris so what can you expect. It is located in a neighbourhood that locals hang out, so it's nice to get away from all the touristy areas. But it's also a close walk to the Eiffel Tower! The breakfasts they offer are superb! I would also recommend going on a walking tour (the culture fish one) . There are pamphlets for that at the front counter .

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

I was upgraded to a private room at no additional charge and this hostel is very clean. It's almost like staying at a hotel! The directions on the booking aren't very clear. So try to google map it before arriving, ( I came from the airport and got lost). The atmosphere was amazing. They had an 'all-you-can-eat' pasta one night and then a free champagne another night. It's very easy to meet people and party with them. Margaux took us bar/club hopping and then to cap d'ail. She was amazing!

Riad Dia

Marrakech, Morocco

The hostel itself is beautiful. A lot of natural sunlight and open space to lounge and meet people. There is also a pool/fountain that is a great spot to just cool off from the heat. The staff were very nice and friendly! Even during Ramadan they were super helpful. As soon as I checked in, I was given a map and shown all the places to check out in Marrakech. The instructions to the hostel are pretty straight-forward as well, which can be daunting at first since its so busy in the square.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

It was great that they had so much to offer. Many activities (camel ride, moroccan cooking lessons, etc) and even make a homemade dinner for you for a good price! Breakfast is offered as well so that works out very well as a traveller. There is a lot of space to meet people but also have your own quiet time. I really enjoyed the rooftop!