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MIA Hostels Asilah

Assilah, Morocco

This is a brand new hostel and everything is very new and modern, if I had any complaint is that maybe it is too new and modern, haha.

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

At first tricky to find but there are many many kids that will get you there for a very small tip. The staff was friendly, the rooms clean and the bathrooms very clean and plenty of hot water. Very good free breakfast every morning and one night one of the staff cook Kefta for everyone. Oh, this is one of the very few hostels in Morocco that I know of that sells wind and beer in the bar.

Riad El Pacha

Essaouira, Morocco

OK, so this ain't the Hilton but i wonder if all the people who wrote all of the bad reviews stayed at the same hostel as I did. Do to the poor reviews my friend and I only booked for one night but ended staying there for several nights. Sure, the very last few yards to the hostel's entrance was somewhat dark during the day (it is lighted at night), but hey, this is Morocco and it is in a Medina. Oh, and the location in the Median is great. This place is more of an traditional Riad.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

OK, this hostel is not to be overlooked, it is great. The community room is huge, there is a terrace that everyone hangs out on at night, including staff and many of the guest slept up there under the stars rather in their bunks. Oh, and the breakfast is free, can't beat that. Overall this is one fun place to stay where yu will get the real feel of Morocco and Marrakech, I plan on staying there again on my next trip.

Al-Andalusí Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

Great hostel,had a great time there, location is nice, free breakfast.

RC Miguel Angel

Madrid, Spain

Nice hostel, great location, only drawback is that the staff spoke very little English, but i'd stay there again.


Stayed there almost a week, and a great time, the location is fantastic, staff is great, will stay there again on my next trip there

Hostel Alex30

Stuttgart, Germany

Great little hostel, great breakfast, nice bar, friendly staff, great location/.

Brazen Backpackers

London, England

I stayed here a couple weeks ago for 2 nights and returned a week later to stay another 5 nights. Ok, so hear are my thoughts on this hostel...... Are there more modern hostels....Yes does this one have the best rooms & beds....No is the kitchen and cooking area the best.....No Are the restrooms and showers the best....No is there a hostel with a better or friendlier staff? NO!!!!!! Did you have a great time and stay there? YES!!!!!! I would stay there again.

Euro Hostel Liverpool

Liverpool, England

Of all of the hostels I have stayed in, this is the newest and the best. The location is just a few meters from the Cavern and walking distance to the major museums. The rooms are nice size, the bunk beds double, not triple, the mattresses are thick, the lockers good size, the restrooms and shower are in the room and are VERY clean, and the kitchen/cooking area also very clean. The wifi was strong and worked everywhere. The staff was very friendly too.

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Hi Robert Thank you for your feedback and kind words. HOAX is different. HOAX is fresh. HOAX is original. We hope to have you stay with us again in the near future. Team HOAX Liverpool.

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Overall one of the better hostels I have stayed at so far on my journeys. The location could not be better, right next to the train station. The staff was friendly and helpful, there are lifts to the different floors, and free breakfast in the morning. The only complaints that I do have is that the 'Chill Room' has only 2 places to sit with a counter to place your lap top on and some places the free wifi was difficult to access, stronger signal would be nice. I would stay there again.

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Hi There, Thank you for your review. We have recognized that the chillout room does need to be made more comfortable and inviting and are hoping to renovate in the near future. Thank you for your honest feedback and hoping by next time you visit you will be able to see the changes we have made :) All the best with your travels! Edinburgh Crew x