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Hostel & Pousada Casa Coco Verde

Jericoacoara, Brazil

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LimeTime Hostels – Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cool hostel. They really encourage human interaction and even turn off the internet from 8-9 to force people to talk to eachother instead of Facebook. It is a big party hostel and everyone goes out every night. It can be difficult to sleep when people start returning from the pubs and clubs. The kitchen is disgusting in the morning from the drunk people attempting to cook at 5 am. They should really consider closing the kitchen at midnight. Breakfast was pretty non-existent, but it was cheap!!

Albergue Vila Carioca Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great, friendly staff. Much quieter than many of the other hostels in Rio-which is great for me! Breakfast is bomb! Misquitos are pretty awful. They have a tree that is next to the windows and the misquitos come in at night and can make sleeping a lost cause. I would recommend big spray and earplugs(for the buzzing past you ears). I'd definitely stay here again.