Reviews: Anonymous

Location: India, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great staff - capable, knowledgeable and friendly. Central location; amenities and other things are on par with other highly rated hostels.

Bodrum Backpackers

Bodrum, Turkey

Nice location, decent facilities. Staff was friendly, but a little amateurish - kids on summer jobs who weren't always available and didn't make particular efforts to keep the place quiet at night. That said, it's a self-confessed party hostel and dirt cheap, so can't complain too much - you get what you pay for. So long as noise is not a problem (parties/BBQs on the rooftop terrace can get loud), would recommend for people visiting Bodrum.

ANZ Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

Tidy little place, conveniently located near the Otogar (Bus Terminal) in the western part of Selcuk town. Clean and quiet, staff were friendly. May not have the atmosphere of more popular places like Attilla's Getaway - ANZ is smaller, so fewer people and not as many common areas/activities - but the price+location combination more than makes up for it. Recommended for anyone visiting Ephesus.


Istanbul, Turkey

Perfect location - 2 minutes away from the Galata Tower and within a short walk of both Istiklal Street and the Golden Horn. The uphill climb is arduous with heavy luggage, but that's the only downside. Small rooms, but nice and clean with ensuite bathrooms; rooftop terrace is awesome. Staff was very polite and professional, but with the exception of Furkan, didn't exude the same warmth as at other hostels I've stayed at... still, that's a very minor point. I would highly recommend this hostel.

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Good option for the budget-conscious traveler. As with many local places, finding it can be tricky the first time you visit, but nothing too terrible. The front desk staff - Ash and Ali - were friendly and accommodative, making it a point to organize nightly pub crawls and other events, which was a nice touch. Hygiene/facilities could be better - my room smelt of socks and some of the facilities in the common bathrooms didn't work. For the price, I would still recommend this hostel though.