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Location: Ireland, Gender: Female, Age: 20

Villa Divine

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Probably the most beautiful hostel we stayed in on our trip. They have clearly put a lot of work into this place - the interiors are just gorgeous. It is a bit of a distance from the Old Town but the bus is handy enough. We did not have an easy time finding it though (probably the bus driver's fault, not the hostel's directions). There is a nice common area, balcony, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, computer... Really ideal. Just lacking in atmosphere. But that might just have been for that night obviously

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Dear Villa Divine guest! Thank you so much for your review, we're always glad to read about different experiences so we can grow and better ourselves for our future guests.We're sorry or the lack of atmosphere and we're pretty much sure that it was only for that one night as most of guests staying that night at Villa Divine went out quite early.Wish you all the best!


We intended to spend more time at Fiesta Siesta, but it ended up just being a stopover. Seems lovely though! For the short amount of time that we were there that night we expected to find something going on, or for it to be a bit more atmospheric, but it was just quite quiet.... We had a good sleep though! :p Excellent location for sure though - right next to Diocletian's Palace, so good shops and restaurants, etc. The building in general is cool though, and there seems to be a bar downstairs...


Split, Croatia

This hostel could be amazing or terrible, depending on what you're looking for. Let it be known that it is FAR away from the town of Split. Getting there with their directions was fine but the bus driver was very unhelpful. Also the hostel is not well advertised... If you're looking to relax, this is your place though; it is idyllic. There is a patio with lounge chairs and a diving board that looks out over the water, and you could easily just spend the day there. Not great if you want to party.


Lovely place to stay in Hvar. The main event would be the huge patio with bar, (small) pool and loads of seats for lounging about. Great atmosphere there, especially at night as everyone pre-drank together before heading out. It could be said that it's a bit of a walk from the centre, but when you're in a big group of people the walk is kind of fun (15-20 mins? depending on intoxication). VERY helpful staff too :) I would just say that the fancy modern door lock was too high tech for us though!

Traveller's Haven

Bled, Slovenia

Traveller's Haven was a one-night stop over for us. Perfectly comfortable place to stay, but certainly lacked the 'craic' as we Irish say (pretty much not a great atmosphere/not much fun). As Bled is small it is well located being only 5 minutes from the lake. The staff were nice and helpful, the place was very clean and tidy, and there was good-sized kitchen, three showers and a patio available too. At 15 euro for the night you can't really complain!

Grandio Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Stop reading the reviews and just go. If you are curious and must read: this place is unreal. Fancy modern wristbands to get into the hostel - perfect for drunk people. Such a central location, amazing staff, amazing space and atmosphere... All the rooms are located around a courtyard with a bar and garden and seating area. You could spend an entire day there (we did). We went for one night and stayed three, and would have stayed much longer if we hadn't already booked our next city! Just go.

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

Lovely little place to stay in Budapest. Quite quiet and small, but seems to always have a good crowd staying there so it's good for making friends in a relaxed environment. We all went together both the nights we were there anyway so it was grand. Amazing staff made our stay so enjoyable. The rooms are spacious and clean, we had two bathrooms available, a small kitchen and a common area. Wifi was good too, but facilities are limited as it's a small hostel. Unbeatable for location.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel made my trip! It all comes down to the amazing staff who create a fun and relaxed atmosphere around the clock. Location is really good, only 10 minutes from the centre. There are different activities planned every day so you're never bored (we did paddle-boating on the river, pub crawl, clubbing, BBQ, walking tour...). There is a garden and a bar at the hostel too so that was awesome, and all for only 15 euro a night! There is no where else to stay in Prague as far as I'm concerned!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

One of the best hostels I stayed in while travelling around Europe. Beautiful hostel in a beautiful area. 100% on security, cleanliness, facilities, staff... and cheap too! Great atmosphere would be the main thing - garden, gorgeous kitchen, indoor lounge area, computers, books, bar... I highly recommend this place.

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had an unreal time at the Flying Pig! Heard great things about the downtown hostels too. Obviously the location isn't ideal if you plan to spend a lot of time in the city, but the shuttle service they operate is cheap and quick. In a way, it was great to have a place to crash when I first started travelling, so I enjoyed not being right in the middle of the city. Spent two nights up until 6am in the smoking area making friends - much better! Amazing staff too, helpful in a tricky situation ;)