Reviews: Anonymous

Central Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

Nice and clean hostel, friendly staff.

Riga Hostel

Riga, Latvia

Friendly staff, cool hostel, there's a free food basket, so that's a plus :)


Vilnius, Lithuania

Nice and clean hostel, would recommend again.

City Hostel Krakow

Krakow, Poland

It was difficult to find it, the directions were not clear. Please fix that. Other than that, good hostel, breakfast, very friendly and helpful staff.

GlobArt Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Good hostel, except the walls are too thin, so when backpackers are making.. ahem.. noise.. at 4 in the morning, everyone can hear it.

Globetrotter Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Nice and clean, good location. There were some noisy hostelers at 5am. The staff wasn't very proactive, so l had to tell them to shut up. I feel like he could have done a better job, but maybe he's new or shy. Overall, it was a good hostel, just the walls were thin.

Budget Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Overall, a good hostel. Only thing is that it is a school during the year, so all the facilities are far away, like the showers, bathrooms, and lockers. Friendly staff, good for the price.

Nana's Rooms

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It was good, but the womens showers were clear and it was awkward because anyone can open the door to the womens showers. The hostel rooms were really nice, l love the fridge inside. It was more like a hotel. The kitchen was big and had everything in it, so you can make your own meals.

Taban Hostel Zagreb Centre

Zagreb, Croatia

its good but if you want to sleep at nightt you will have a hard time because the city gets very loud at nightt.

The Big Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

For such a big hostel, there were no laundry facilities. It was mostly clean, but they did run out of toilet paper a few times. For the price though, it's worth it.

Hostel Magaza

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

There wasn't really anyone there the whole time. It was nice and quiet. They have a cool dog. Fun to play with.

Sky Lounge Hostel

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Very friendly staff, eager to help. Had a free BBQ dinner on the deck, that was fun.

Good Night

Podgorica, Montenegro

I think this is a hostel run by a couple, and the girlfriend just joined in? The guy met us at our taxi stop, carried our bag, very friendly. We only saw him a few times. The rest of the time his girlfriend was there. We were enjoying the comfy beds when a smell assaulted our nostrils, the female worker here decided it would be okay to set up shop and start chain smoking in the kitchen. We asked her to do it outside (I'm allergic) she agreed yet 10 minutes later she starts again....

Durres Hostel

Durres, Albania

Beat hostel we've stayed at so far. Loved the staff, the food, the location. Definitely stay in this one!

Art-Hostel Riverside

Skopje, Macedonia

A nice small family home hostel in the city. Location is great. Staff is always eager to help and give suggestions where to go.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Very laid back and friendly environment. Lighting very low in attic is only downside. Not much to do in Sofia though, but the hostel made the stay bearable. The breakfasts and dinners were served there were delicious

Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The most beautiful view if you stay on the balcony/16 dorm. Breakfast is good, but very light. The staff is very friendly and eager to help. Only thing that could improve is a common area for the travelers. Lack of one causes the drunk people to hang out in the dorms at nightt.. making it very difficult for people that are trying to sleep.