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Inverness Student Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

This place was a little worn and grubby, but the bathrooms and kitchen were clean, which is the most important. The staff was absolutely AWESOME- so friendly, available to help with anything at all, and just really lovely people. There are no lockers in the room, so be prepared for that- you are able to leave you valuables behind the desk in a safe though. Despite this, I never felt like there was a security risk- the other guests were great, and there was a really lovely familial atmosphere.

Light House Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

This place was nice. Very clean, and it smelled like a yoga studio. A clean boutique yoga studio, not a sweaty one. =) I appreciated the large lockers, the clean and social kitchen, the basic but good breakfast spread, and the cheery atmosphere.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

After my other unfortunate hostel experience in London, I was braced for another bad experience. Luckily, this place was much nicer. Even in a 12 bed room, I felt like there was enough space and comfort for everyone. This hostel was pretty quiet, which I appreciated. Staff was nice. The common area was nice. I didn't bother to try to breakfast, as it looked really lackluster, but that's okay. I loved being close to the park. Overall, I would recommend this hostel.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

This place was really nice. Beware, the stairs are treacherous (but beautiful, like the whole building.) Good, strong wifi, even in the room, very comfortable bed, hot showers (though I did shower on the 1st floor, as I was told the water on the 3rd wasn't as hot), clean, quiet at night, nice view out the window. Some of my roommates were loud and annoying, but I appreciated that this wasn't a party hostel. I would stay here again!

Minoo House

Budapest, Hungary

This hostel was...weird. The facilities were really interesting and beautiful- they did a really excellent job with all of the handmade items. Yet somehow, I didn't feel quite welcomed there. The staff were nice, but really lackadaisical about doing their jobs. One night I asked about laundry, and the guy told me it would be 3 euros and he would have it done by 10 AM the next day. GREAT! At 10 AM, I went and looked, and I found my dirty laundry still sitting in a bag by the kitchen.

Mundo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I absolutely loved this hostel. Staying here felt more like being in someone's home, and the staff were all incredibly warm. The breakfasts were amazing, and on the last night I was there they even hosted a barbecue. As a solo traveler, the environment they created really made it easy for me to meet people and make friends. I'm afraid this hostel spoiled me, because nothing has been as lovely since. Stay here! It's amazing!


This hostel is one of the nicer ones I've stayed. Pros: the "pod style" beds are amazing- privacy curtains, plugs, and lights in every bed!, nice secure building, nice staff, wifi that worked in the room, free breakfast Cons: they kept messing up the bed assignments and I was woken up at 1 AM by a girl claiming I was in her bed, the dude-bro bar downstairs where I was hit on by a total creep, a little too large to really meet people, push button showers.


Honestly, I hated this place. Things that were bad: 1. A mouse (or other sort of rodent) chewed a hole in my suitcase to eat some almonds I had forgotten were in there. 2. It was really dirty. 3. The free wifi only worked in the tiny, cramped, really uncomfortable lobby downstairs. The paid wifi was "broken" while I was there. 4. The showers barely worked. One morning there was no water whatsoever. Another, only freezing cold water. 5. Seemingly apathetic staff who didn't know anything.

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Thanks for taking the time to review us and we apologise for the difficulties you experienced. We do have a pest control company working to ensure that there are no mice in the building, but this can take a bit of time. Cleanliness is very important to us, so we will be speaking to our cleaners (and other staff) about your concerns with their performance. We have identified a problem with getting enough water to the building from the mains supply and are working on that. The WiFi is now fixed.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

This place was beautiful. Clean rooms, clean (and lovely) common areas and kitchen. I loved the large cafe/bar/hangout room downstairs as well as the free live music. Good breakfast. Nice staff. Really nice and respectful fellow travelers (the people who were out late partying were quiet coming in- not my experience in other hostels!) This place has set the bar high for other hostels.

SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

My first hostel experience. The facilities are really basic and the bed was the least comfortable of everywhere I've stayed. Still, they seem to really take care of the place and everyone was so nice, friendly, and helpful. I appreciated that the wifi worked in the rooms, the large lockers, the hot water in the showers, and the fact that they helped me lock up my bike each night. I would stay here again. Thanks!