Reviews: Anonymous

Astor Queensway

London, England

Nice staff, they got everything you needed. The hostle is right beside the high street and hyde park, so nice location. The only problem is that the room is too small and unbelievable hot. But in general, is a nice stay.

Hester Road

Portsmouth, England

The cleanliness is awful, dirty quilt, dirty toilet with no toliet paper in it. I got a broken light in my room and tried to call the owner, but no one answered (no reception there). Well, you got what you paid.

HostelPoint Brighton

Brighton, England

The location is perfect. You can see the oacen just sitting in the living room. Well, there is a club near the hostel. It's kind of noisy in the night even with the ear plugs. Everything else is fine.


The owners are so friendly, and you can taste the korean food in the evening. The lady doesn't speak English but she is so nice. I think the atmosphere is the highlight, the dorm is kind of small and crowd, and it's hard to find ithe location. So, if you plan to relax and make some friend, come here. but if you are in the hurry and just want a comfortable place to rest, you can find better option elsewhere.

Steffi┬┤s Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Nice hostel, very clean. The hostel is on the 4th floor( or 3rd), so is kind of hard to find it unless you asked someone who knew this place. Other thing is great.


Dusseldorf, Germany

The hostel is not in the old town, but you can still find services and facility around it. The neighbourhood is where real locals live. The hostel is good, nice and clean. The only problem is that the locker in my room is not functioning well, i need to push it up to lock it.

Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

Great hostel. The bed is sooo huge and comfortable, didn't want to get up in the morning at all. They provide coffee and tea in the living room, a lovely room to relax. Everything is perfect, but one, the breakfast is charged for 5 or 6 Euro(can't remember clearly), a little bit expensive. Overall, a nice place to stay, hope to visit it again.

Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Fantastic hostel! The staffs are very friendly, they helped me a lot. The breakfast is the best I ever had for a hostel, you have lots of options for breads, meats and drinks and friuts. The only small promble is the locker is under the bunk, so you can only put valuable stuff not the big bag into it. Definately gonne vistit it again.