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Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

This was a decent hostel, the key card security is very convenient. The bar up front is great too, although the beer selection isn't very good. But if you just want good ole cheap beer, the prices cant be beat. The staff did their job, but wern't overly friendly. The massive groups of school kids can get a little annoying. Dont expect to be able to rent anything, but things are for sale for marked up prices. Triple bunk beds are used, the privacy curtain is great. Super humid in the summer.

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Hi there. Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated.

Gallery Hyde Park

London, England

This is an awesome Hostel. Super friendly and welcoming. The staff there are super friendly and accommodating. The best thing is that this hostel doesn't try to nickle and dome you for everything. You can borrow things like an outlet adapter, lock and towel for 5 pounds apiece. You get all the money pack when returned, except for the towel you only get 3. My only complaint is that the bunk beds are pretty wobbly, sometimes i was afraid of rolling over so that i didnt wake the other person up.