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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Mr Ryokans Ecohouse

Tallinn, Estonia

Everything was pretty good in the hostel, the guy working there is always there to help you when you need it so it's nice. There is everything you need and it is pretty clean. It is also well located. The only downside is maybe that the "japanese style beds" are not the most comfortable in the world and if you want to take a shower I'd recommend you don't do it in the morning like everyone else because there's only one bathroom. I'd recommend this hostel, it was pretty cool and cozy. :)

Hostel above club Madrid

Kosice, Slovakia

Very comfortable beds, very clean and well located. I have to admit that it is pretty expensive for Slovakia, but it's not too outrageous. I wasn't there during the weekend but I've heard it might be harder to sleep since the first floor is a bar and the 2nd floor is the hostel.

Maria Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

For some reason there wasn't any pillow in my room, they said they were all stolen... but still was weird and made the bed not as comfortable, for me at least. The location is good for that neighbourhood (near nice restaurants and everything), but it is still far from the "touristy places". The value for money is good since the quality is fine and the prices low, even in high season. There is no real "hostel life" though (compared to a lot of hostels in Budapest). I'd recommend it anyways though

Hostel Batumi Globus

Batumi, Georgia

Pretty decent hostel. The 16 bed dorm is actually a 25 bed dorm (I counted, it's huge) but it actually isn't that bad, no smells and it has AC so I slept very well nonetheless. There is a chilling area with tables and such in the interior court which is nice to meet people. It is pretty well located, not very far from the beach and the center and close to a supermarket. I had a nice stay, it isn't the best hostel in the world but does the job.

Deeps Hostel

Ankara, Turkey

Very nice hostel, easy to find (near a metro), very very cozy, great facilities and well located (near markets and restaurants). It is a great hostel to relax and hang out with the other guests, I met really cool people there and would return any time if I'd ever come back to Ankara. If you're looking for a relaxing few days, it definitely is the place to go.

Adventour Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I went to this hostel only a few days after it opened, so obviously there wasn't that many people, but they are going to open a rooftop terrace soon so the atmosphere will definitely be awesome. The beds are very comfy and the rooms are clean and have brand new lockers. The location is good for Besiktas, but it is a 1 hour 15-30 minute walk to the historical center (a lot shorter if you take a bus). I'd recommend this hostel to anyone looking for accommodation in the modern part of Istanbul!

Thessaloniki Studios Arabas

Thessaloniki, Greece

Really cool and chill hostel. It's not "cheap", but it isn't too expensive either. The people there are really cool and the way the hostel is made, everyone hangs out outside at the same place so it's easy to meet people. The location is not bad, not too far from the center and pretty close to a few restaurants. I would recommend this hostel if you go to Thessaloniki, I had a great time there.

Hostel Han

Pristina, Kosovo

Extremely well located and super clean. The beds are very comfy and most of the hostel is pretty new. The atmosphere is really nice, especially because of the balcony. The staff is really cool and they all hang out with the guests so it's pretty fun. I'd recommend this hostel for sure to everyone and I will go back if I ever go to Pristina again!

Don Apartment

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Very nice hostel/apartment. Everything is pretty new and the bed are comfy and clean. There is AC in the rooms which is vital in Mostar, so it's quite nice. The hostel is located very close to the bus station which is nice when you have luggage and it's hot outside. It's also near a few good caf├ęs and restaurants and it is only about 8 minutes from the more touristy center. The owner is really nice and might give you traditional pie :) I'd recommend this place if you're staying in Mostar.

Hostel Enjoy

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

At first I thought the reviews seemed suspicious, but all of them are real. Jasmina, the owner of the hostel, was like my second mom during my stay in Sarajevo. She is the nicest person I've met in a long time. She brought us to eat breakfast and take coffee and took time with us. The hostel is small (a 2bed private and a 6bed dorm) but cozy and is near the bus station (and about 10 minutes to the beginning of the center). Everything was clean, comfy and wifi worked well. Definitely recommend!

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City Break

Belgrade, Serbia

Super nice hostel and the owner is suuuper cool. He will help you with everything you need. The hostel has nice comfy beds, kitchen, good wifi, pretty clean bathrooms and good location. If you don't mind going up 6 floors then this is the hostel for you. Incredible value for money in my opinion. We had a great time in the hostel and I'll definitely go back.

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Thank you man ;) and see you


Novi Sad, Serbia

Very good location and security. The hostel is always clean and the beds are comfy. The common room is quite small so if the hostel is full it might get crowded. There is no kitchen (nothing to cook with), but there is a fridge and a boiler. The staff does the job (not very fluent in english), but the manager likes money a little too much, so make sure you pay the right amount (with the proper exchange rate too). Overall though I'd recommend this hostel, I've had a pleasant stay.

Nana's Rooms

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Very good value for money, but the hostel is not in the city center (but not too far, 10-15 minute walk). The kitchen works well but is not super clean, but the rest is very clean and the beds are comfy. There are no lockers. In the big dorm every bunk bed is separated by a wall which is very nice if you want to sleep well. I would recommend this hostel, because even with the average location it's good. Anyways, a taxi to the center costs about 3-4 euros.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Mix of hostel and hotel, pretty decent price for Vienna and it is clean and has everything you need. The hostel rooms are in another building across the street and are quite small (the 3 bed private barely had enough room for the beds to fit). The location is not so good, it is at least 20 minutes from the center, but for the price it's hard to get better. Overall I'd say it is not a bad hostel but it lacked the "hostel" part a little bit, but it has good value for money.

Funk Lounge

Zagreb, Croatia

Awesome hostel. They have their own bar/restaurant next to it with decently cheap prices and good food and the hostel itself has everything you need (kitchen, comfy beds, wifi, maps, etc.). The staff is really cool and the value for money is great. The location is not bad and the atmosphere was fun, we got free shots because Croatia scored a goal in a world cup game. :) I would recommend this hostel to anyone going to Zagreb.

CroParadise Green Hostel

Split, Croatia

We had a private room for 3 and it wasn't in the main hostel building. We had our own kitchen for only 2 rooms and our room was nice and cosy and had a TV and such so it was nice. Everything was clean and comfy. It was pretty cheap for a private of that quality, but we were there during off season, so that might be why! I'd recommend any of the Croparadise hostels, they're all very nice and the owner is pretty cool.

Dragan's Den

Korcula, Croatia

I feel like I might have gotten very unlucky, but we booked a 4 bed dorm and there were so many insects (mosquitoes, myriapods, spiders, ants, ...) that I did not sleep at all and woke up with about 40 bites on my body. There was a lot of mosquitoes outside too, but that wasn't too bad. I think our room was particularly bad and that the others were fine though. Dragan was nice enough to refund our money though and I thank him for that. Our room had no AC either which just made it worse...

The White Rabbit Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Amazing hostel. It's BRAND NEW and smells good and is clean. The beds are super comfy and there is a great atmosphere there. It is also very cheap for what you get (at least during offseason...).The staff will help you with everything, from renting a boat or a car to buying tickets or grabbing good food. The one and ONLY thing I could complain about was the lack of kitchen, but with the amount of restaurants nearby I doubt it would be a problem for most people. I would DEFINITELY recommend it.

Hostel Manuela

Split, Croatia

Very well located. It isn't a traditional "hostel", it's essentially an apartment turned into 2-3 dorms. There IS AC, which is nice, but there are no lockers (the front door is always locked though, so it's decently safe). Also, some mattresses are not very comfy (others are fine). There is a nice rooftop to hang out at night. I feel like it's a decent place, but for a similar price you might be able to get a better hostel with better mattresses, lockers and a better atmosphere.

Lost Inn Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Very clean and modern hostel (everything is brand new) with everything you need. The kitchen is well equipped, the breakfast is the best free breakfast I've seen in a hostel in a while (fresh bread, ham, cheese, cereal, real nutella, etc.) and it is always a free sangria night or free traditional soup night. For some reason though the guests in my room were complete idiots when it came to not waking up the whole room at night or in the morning, but that isn't the hostel's fault. Would recommend!

Old Town Lagos Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

I had an amazing time at the hostel, the staff was awesome and the people there too. There was everything you need in a hostel and it is well located and clean. I'd definitely go back if I ever go to Lagos again.

Lost & Found Hostel

Albufeira, Portugal

Great modern hostel with everything you need. Good beds and overall great facilities. It's a beautiful and great hostel, but it is pretty far from Albufeira (it is in Patroves) so if you really wanted to visit Albufeira it might be annoying to use the bus all the time, but if you are only there for the beaches, there are great beaches not too far from the hostel. We went there when it was quiet, but I can imagine the atmosphere gets better in the peak season. I would recommend the hostel !


The hostel is full of young party people out to have fun, go out and burn cash. While I don't judge people that like doing that, it's not the kind of people I really enjoy the most. The hostel has great beds and surprisingly I slept very well, the kitchen is pretty well equipped and the roof is really cool (warning: the pool is very small). The hostel is there to make money with tours sometimes ridiculously priced and even premium wifi (I mean comon...). I'd recommend it to the new travellers.


Granada, Spain

Very nice and cosy hostel. Has everything you need, everything seems new and a night is pretty cheap. The location is good (near a grocery store and in between the main attractions). Met cool people there and had a good time, I recommend you go there too if you travel to Granada.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

2nd time there. In May it is pretty quiet but at least this year the bar isnt completely empty after midnight since they seem to have slacked off selling their pub crawl tickets (not a fan of pub crawls). The wifi was broken for most of our stay, but we might have gotten unlucky. The location is very good and pretty much everything is fine (decent free breakfast, working AC if you ask for it, ok beds). There is no kitchen though. Pretty cheap beer and very very easy to meet people at night.

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We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us and that even more so that this wasn't your first time staying with us! We are sorry that you were having problems with the WiFi, we encourage our customers to ask for help at the front desk if they are experiencing any issues with it. We hope that when you return to Madrid, you come back to stay with us here at Cat's.

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

Nice hostel and while not in the center, it is close to a metro station so it is very easy to get in the center. Very clean and cool staff, they will answer every questions you might have about Milan or the hostel. Enjoyed my short stay there, thanks again!

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Great hostel, has everything you need. The breakfast (that isn't free) is amazing and well worth it and the free diner is nice too. It is a pretty big hostel, so expect a looot of people there. Nice location, not too far from the train/bus station and not really far from the main points of interest of the city. Would recommend, especially for the price.

Friends Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

The name represents well the place, very friendly people. The staff is really cool and they organize a few events with the other guests which is fun. Location, in my opinion is very good if you don't mind walking (being near the train station makes everything easier when you need to go buy a ticket). Super helpful staff to get you the schedules and to tell you how to get to your next destination. Clean and has the facilities you need. Good value, would recommend!

Trotter's Den Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

Small and cozy hostel. Cool people there and very well located (easy to get to the train station and pretty much in the middle of everything to see is located). Pretty helpful staff too. Definitely worth the money, great value.

Opera Hostel Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine

Nice new hostel with comfy beds, pretty clean and all the facilities you need (and AC). Kind of quiet since it's new though. The staff seemed ok, most of them do not speak english, which makes it kind of hard to ask questions, but they always figure a way out to answer you anyways! Good value for money.

Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

I don't know what's the deal with this hostel, but EVERYONE you meet there is awesome. I didn't expect much from Kyiv, but I had the time of my life there with the people from the Hostel. Very chill, well located if you can walk (near an awesome bar too), big rooms, nice beds, very cool staff, etc. etc. I'd recommend to everyone to come here for a few days, it's definitely worth it!

Bazikalo Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Don't go there expecting to party and meet a lot of people, but if you want to sleep well, this is the perfect place. Also has amazing location, comfy beds and is clean. The staff can speak a little english and are ok-friendly. Note that by "check in at 12", they really mean that you cannot enter the hostel before that time (not even kitchen), so if you came from an overnight bus from warsaw like me, this might be a little frustrating, but go grab a coffee and relax... Would recommend for sleep!

New World St. Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Nice hostel that is well located and that has everything you need in a normal hostel. Nice bars are right across the street and there is a small supermarket in front as well.

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great value for money, super well located and they have all you need in a hostel. Staff was helpful and kind. I'd recommend this hostel.

Hi 5 Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I think this is the best Hostel I've been to yet. It's the perfect balance between chilling and party hostel and they have everything you need in a hostel, even plugs in your locker! If you don't want to party or meet people, don't go there and then whine about not sleeping a lot and such though. The staff is awesome, the people are awesome and the hostel is awesome. Other random fact, sometimes they do a bbq and sell huge "hot dogs" for 200 Forints (about 0.65 euro). Go to this hostel!

A1 Hostel Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

Nice hostel to sleep in and to visit Bratislava. Beds are fine, it's clean and it's well located (you can walk to everything). It has all you need, but if you're there to meet people, then this is not the hostel for you. There isn't any chilling room beside the kitchen, but I don't think it does the job of a chilling room.

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Thank you for your review. Just to add, we just finished a brand new common area with comfortable couches, kitchen area and foosball. Sorry that you couldnt use it at the time of your stay, but we needed to finish the setting. Edo. A1 Hostel

Hostel HOMEr

Prague, Czech Republic

Location is amazing (you're at 5 minutes walking distance from everything), beds are pretty comfy, it's clean, it has huge bathrooms, it has big kitchens and everything is brand new. But if you're looking to meet people this isn't the place (sadly), because every floor has a chilling room (in the kitchen) and there is only about 20 people per floor from what I've seen. Also, the description on "how to find the hostel" is horrible, google map it before going!